Elisdriel - Bosmer inspired tree house by Elianora
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Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.


Mod adds a small, beautiful (YMMV) and idyllic treehouse to the Hjaalmarch hold (Near Crabber's Shanty and the waterfall area) 
This was made for my friends in Reddit as thanks for their encouragement and support for my modding stuffs. 
It's supposed to be Bosmer themed but in a way that it fits Skyrim. 

This time my house is not just a pretty thing to look at though, it actually has some unique features and items hidden inside! Elianora mods just went from 1.0 to 2.0 !
Are you like me? You'd love to use your alchemy skill for crafting masterful poisons and dealing massive damage to your enemies in combat. Or just taking your archery to next level by dipping your arrows into various toxins? Me too, until I found out how incredibly inconvenient and boring it is. I have no time nor the patience to poison my bow after every shot fired! There must be another way?! Want to carry a vine of poison arrows with you! NOW YOU CAN!
With this mod, you are able to craft unique enchanted/poisoned arrows!

Creator: Elianora
Contributors: Nahkin: Idea for the new plant. Healing water and arrow crafting
DarkFox127: Script for the mask display
Leianne: Tomato stuff and fungus plant harvesting animation ♥

- Skyrim up to date
- Dawnguard.esm
- Hearthfires.esm
- Dragonborn.esm

For NPCs (like spouses) to sandbox around the house properly, use this mod 
Location: There's a map marker near Crabber's Shanty
Key: None. Make up your own story about how you got the house :)
Crafting facilities: Alchemy, enchanting, baking, cooking, all smithing, wood chopping, arrow poisoning font
- A new bow, glass quality and with special enchantments
- New Elven arrow type for you to craft at the forge
- Arrow poisoning font to craft different poison arrows in batches of 10
- Special clear spring with healing properties
- New special type of harvestable mushroom thingie
- Disenchanting font to reset player created items
- Plantable and harvestable tomato
- Some unique item displays for the famous bows of the game
- HF cooking oven turned into a small "Baking surface" for maximum space saving
- Unique dagger
If you hate the change, just remove the entry for it in TES5Edit (check here for instructions)
- Navmeshed all over
- Double bed gives spouse or well rested bonus
- Tons of custom named storage
- Beds for two followers in the hut next to the main house
- Plantable garden
- Underground grotto with special plants
- some bookshelves
- Simple custom wardrobes
- Essential animal friends hanging out in the yard
- None of the storage will respawn.
- Animals are essential as per request. If you want to kill them, use console to make them non-essential
- No kids. And won't be.
- Decor is locked in place so that I don't knock stuff over
- You need to stay away from the grotto long enough so it will respawn.
  I have a 72 hour respawn mod which makes the garden replenish pretty fast
- Your neighbours are peaceful as long as you leave them alone
So, to make Hunter's Arrows, which are the main ingredient for the poisoned arrows, you need to learn an ability "Secrets of Arrow Craft" and Elven smithing unlocked.

You can find a skill book inside the house in the poison bottle shelf. After you've read the book you are able to craft Hunter's Arrows at the forge and then use the arrow poisoning font in the alchemy lab to make special arrow batches.

I make mods for myself. I don't install 15 house mods into one playthrough. I use one house mod at the time and I move the arrow crafting to the mod I use. The arrow crafting will conflict with any of my other mods that use that feature.

- Compatible with Frostfall and other survivability mods. Plenty of warmth and water in this place.
- Incompatible with mods that change the Glass Bow of the Stag Prince or the area where the house is built
- Alters form lists for harvestables and plantables in order to add tomatoes to that group 

Thanks to:
Nahkin for great ideas and improvements on my work (the fungus plant, the healing water)
DarkFox127 for tutorials and the mask display shelf.
Nifskope team for Nifskope
darkedge42392 for testing
Leianne for being an awesome modder friend
Nir Shor for the beautiful "Stone District" track, go check out his mod and Youtube!
Music used in this mod with permission!
All the awesome people listed below