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Version : 1.0.

language : English

Creator : [email protected]

Obligatory files : Skyrim.esm
SKSE and SkyUI required

Set up mod :
Cut "data" and paste in the game directory.

Remove mod :
Delete Buy_Whiterun3.espBuy_Whiterun3.bsa
sound and SEQ directory (In your data directory)

Do you dream to be a Lord, A trader or a shareholder ?
Do you dream To buy business, titles or properties ?
Earning a salary and become rich ?
Then this mod is for you !

This mod you will find:
-The addition of a bank in the city of Whiterun
-The addition of a notary in the city of Whiterun House
-The addition of a master craftsman near Whiterun
-The addition of a shop "Lana, equipments for houses"
-The addition of a house, Braden "The crazy"
-The addition of a secret passage
-The addition of new NPCS
And more...

In this mod, it is possible to make trade and becoming shareholder
Buy legal titles and make of actions for the city.
Buy a house and equipments.

Buy whiterun3 :
- Dialogue with the npcs. (sound blank, subtitles recommended).
- Bank and Notary are placed in the city of Whiterun.
- New buildings near Whiterun.
- More possibility
- More surprises  

Compatibility :

All official extensions (Dawnguard, Dragonborn, HearthFires)
And most mods.