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Standalone Non-placer Dynasty Armor Mod


This mod is a port from TES4 and all credit goes to ken1945 for the mod, I just do the port. If you like the mod please comment and endorse. This armor comes heavy version for now. The heavy version is based off the stats of dragonbone armor. The armor is improvable with dragonbone for the heavy version.

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1.2 - Added Chainmail Cuirass add-on and added support for Dark Elf race
1.1 - Fix disappearing hands and feet

Heavy version
Chainmail Add-on

Light version
Circlet dragonbone helmet (see pics) + full armor bonus


1. Download the Dynasty Armor Mod.

2. Extract the archive to your data folder (for example: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data).

3. Ensure that the Dynasty Armor.esp is checked in Skyrim launchers Data files, and then launch the game.

4. Three ways to obtain the armor:

a. Craftable via smithing at a forge. Must have dragonbone smithing perk.

b. Purchase the armor form the Belethor's Goods shop in Whiterun regardless of level or perk.

c. Open the console (using the tilde key [~]) and type "help dynasty 0" (without quotes) and press enter. You will see the console output with the various IDs for the armor and should look like multiple lines of this: ARMO: (020087A0) 'Dynasty Cuirass'. The ID inside the parentheses will not be the same for everyone. This ID can then be used to obtain the armor like this in the console (without quotes): "player.additem 020087A0 1". Do this for every Dynasty Armor you want.

player.additem XX0087A0 1 => Dynasty Cuirass
player.additem XX0087A1 1 => Dynasty Boots
player.additem XX0087A2 1 => Dynasty Gauntlets
player.additem XX0087A3 1 => Dynasty Chainmail Cuirass


None at the moment. Please comment or message me if you have issues


This mod is FREE from copyright and CAN be used, modified, and distributed freely from codecrackerx9 and implicitly from ken1945. I support free software.


** All credits give to the original TES4 mod author ken1945. Thanks for sharing ken1945!

Original TES4 mod link:

Additional credit to kit rae, twenkle, and durotar for examples in assets.