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It sort of sucked that you could only have a dagger version of the Mehrunes' Razor which was in turn, limited to melee. I decided to make a ranged version of the Daedric Artifact in the form of a bow. This is my first mod and is fairly simple, my future mods will probably be more advanced.


(Does not require SkyUI, SKSE or any DLCs)

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What does it do?

Same thing as the vanilla Mehrunes' Razor but as a bow.

What's this Mehrunes' Razor you're talking about?

Click here to find out (Contains some spoilers to a side quest)

What's the crafting recipe?
1 Daedra Heart
3 Ebony Ingot
1 Pommel Stone of Mehrune's Bow

How do I get the Pommel Stone of Mehrune's Bow?
Craft it at a forge, requires:
1 Daedra Heart
1 Ebony Ingot
1 Flawless Diamond

Why can't I craft that stuff?
Daedric smithing is required.

What is the improvement item?
1 Ebony Ingot

What are the stats?

Same as a Daedric Bow but has a special enchantment and is 1.72 times worth it's regular counterpart, just like the Mehrunes' Razor in comparison to a Daedric Dagger.

Are there any mod incompatibilities or bugs?

None that I know of, if you encounter any let me know.


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