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Adds a new quiver and ammo type to the game. Now adds a bolt variant to the game.

Permissions and credits

Please let me know of any crashes etc, I am quite new to creation kit and this is my first mod. I am very proactive at the moment, and will fix crashes.

Arrows of Dagon V1.1.5
1.1.5 Change Notes: Added chance to instantly kill the target.

1.1.4 Change Notes: Removed Daedra Heart crafting requirement, instead replaced it with the requirement of "Pieces of the Past" quest to be completed.

1.1.3 Change Notes: Updated Dagon Arrow model to make spikes more prominent, improved texturing.

We've hit version 1.1, with the major addition of a Crossbow bolt variant, known as Dagon Bolts. Version 1.0.1 will still be available for those without Dawnguard and still want to enjoy the Dagon Arrows. Thank you for your support and kind words ladies and gentlemen.

I will make the damage-changing optional files work again if people request so, just let me know in the comments section, I thoroughly read all comments. By default Bolts and Arrows of Dagon are using the optional .ESP file edit of "Higher Damage".

Major Changes: Added Dagon bolts for Crossbows.

Languages Variants:


Translated by AlexDranzy, thanks a lot mate.

Updates to Come:
- Merchant
- Small chance to kill on hit

- Bolt variant for Crossbows. COMPLETED
- Optional file for a 1/2 reduced Arrow Head size. COMPLETED
- Bug fix: Sometimes the actual quiver will be the projectile stuck in a body. COMPLETED
- Optimize arrow model, currently it is 4k polygons for the arrow. That 4k can quickly add up to 40k polygons after only 10 shots. COMPLETED

Updating to new versions:
1. Uninstall any optional files.

2. Select "No" to update, and yes to over-writes.

3. Done

Reason for this mod:

I made this mod because I wanted further my own modelling, texturing and 
software skills as well make my own personalised mod, after having
downloaded over 160, I thought it was time to give back my own brand.
I love the bow and arrow gameplay in Skyrim, it's kept me going for over
1000 hours of gameplay and I'm still not bored.
Hope you enjoy these, remember to comment and leave criticism.

What this mod does:

This mod adds a new Quiver and Arrow type into Skyrim, as well as a bolt variant with version 1.1. 
These arrows/bolts are incredibly powerful, as the idea behind
them is that they are not merely arrows/bolts of daedric origin,
but arrows/bolts infused with Mehrunes Dagon's very essence.

How powerful are they?

Incredibly powerful, dealing 35 damage per a hit.

Acquiring the Dagon Arrows/bolts:

To acquire these arrows or bolts, you must have the Daedric Smithing perk, completed "Pieces of the Past" and the following: 

 2 Daedra Hearts 
 1 Ebony Ingot

 2 Firewood

 1 Hawkfeather(s)

 Or you could just cheat and open up the console and type:

 help "Dagon Arrow"


help "Dagon Bolt"

 Then do:

 player.additem <code> <quantity>


 player.additem b4000d63 10

 The above example line adds 10 (ten) Dagon Arrows/bolts to your inventory.

Installation instructions:

Unpack the 7zip file to a known location (like desktop)
Open the folder, and find the folder labeled 'Data'
Either copy/ paste or drag, and drop it into your Skyrim folder which is normally locaed at C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim
When prompted by windows to overwrite files with the same name answer, "Yes to All"
Start Skyrim.
In the data directory at the beginning place a checkmark by the 'ArrowsOfDagon.esp'
Play and enjoy them. :)

Uninstallation instructions:

[Not sure why anyone would want to do this but here goes]
Disable, and remove the .esp
Run a search for "ArrowsOfDagon" within Windows Explorer.
Delete the 2 folders with that name (one located in textures with 3 files, and one in meshes with 2 files).

Version History:
1.0 initial release


None, Nada, Ziltch without contacting me FIRST to ask my permission.
Been having some issues with permissions as of late so NONE will be granted for anything regarding this mod UNTIL I AM ASKED.


Nicoroshi (FTB Dagger) - For being able to use his work as a base, as well as edit his README to suit my own needs.
Corvalho1 (Valiant Nord Bow) - His/her work allowed me to make my own quiver and arrows mod by using
                               his/her mod as a basis for NifSkope work, as well as texture and model-
                               ling work.

Bethesda - For their awesome game. My favourite game of all time and their Creation Kit.
Robin Scott - For the Nexus.

Author's Note:
For the love of games, these arrows have been born. May your enemies taste Dagon's essence on their death.