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The Elder Scrolls General on 4chan(/vg/ and /tg/) - for useful modding guides and lore discussion
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Erraum Negosum - Soldier of the Empire Version 1.0

A young Imperial Legionnaire awaits your command. He came from Cyrodiil a few months ago, but all he does is loaf around Castle Dour, waiting for the next Quaestor to arrive. He's usually kind of a quiet and well meaning person, but being a Nibenean, Erraum tends to bea bit pretentious.
Win the Battle of Whiterun in the Civil War Questline, then talk to General Tullius. When you're done talking, and you're promoted to Quaestor, speak to Erraum. He should be available for companionship. Or disregard Tullius' dialogue after the Battle of Whiterun and go straight for Erraum.

Sometime ago, Q made the follower "M'rissi - a Tail of Trouble". It was my first follower mod I ever played, and had fun with. Ever since then, wanted to make something similar. There weren't too many Imperial Legionnaire Followers that I saw on the Nexus, so I decided to make my own.
Erraum is also loosely based on my first Dungeons & Dragons character.

Voice Sample:

1.) choose one of the folders
2.) extract the contents to your Skyrim/Data folder

I highly recommend Mod Organizer for the job.


Works well with "Followers can Relax"


You might have the "gray face" bug with Erraum. If you don't know how to fix this, its simple.

1.) Open creation kit and load up Erraum's .esp
2.) when its loaded, search for Erraum in actors
3.) Then, click on Erraum's name so its highlighted, and press crtl+f4
4.) Get back in Skyrim and play the game


Possibly most follower mods, like EFF, AFT, and UFO. I personally use EFF, but Erraum works outside its functions. There are Vanilla and MFVM versions of Erraum.

Questions and concerns you may have:

"Does he have a really convoluted and poorly scripted quest that wastes 17 hours of my life?"


"Can I marry him? :3"


"Is he essential?"

No. But he does have around 800 health, so he can take a quite beating. Just take care of him, and he'll take care of you.

"Why do I have to go through the Civil War quest just to get him?"

Roleplay purposes.

"Gosh, his voice is awful."

Don't worry, there are other options such as the Vanilla(even toned) and the More Follower Voices Mod(soldier) version. I recommend the MFVM version, because its more/less of what originally wanted Erraum to sound like. These should work with EFF, AFT, and UFO. However, they do not have the content that the custom voiced version has. That may be fixed in later versions.
Note to those who want to make a custom voiced follower, please buy a pop filter and learn from the mistakes of others.

"He's kind of hideous too. Reminds me of the potatofaic from Oblivion"

I figured as such. I didn't really plan to make a husbando, but a follower who was a Legionnaire and lore-friendly. You may edit his face in the Creation Kit to suit your needs.

Future Plans(which may not happen):
- Compatibility with EFF
- More lines regarding the Civil War and the Main Quest.