Evangeline lvl 1 at Helgen by Wild
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In all fairness I suppose you could call this girl a hybrid seeing as she uses a skin tone, nose and eye colour from another race, but all in all she is still a high elf.

I disliked the super tanned look of the high elves when I made my Altmer character, so I used the showracemenu and setrace options to change her to look how I wanted. This save is not the character I use as I didn't have a level one save of her but it's close to her looks.

Anyhow, before I ramble on more I hope someone will enjoy her ^_^

Mods I use:
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE- V2
Better Females by Bella
Coverwomen look 3

IMPORTANT: If you try to change her looks via the console, she will revert to an elven skin tone and have no eye colour except the whites of her eyes. Her hair will also be set to an elven variety. If you wish to change something about her you will have to use setrace (example: setrace nord), then showracemenu and change her hair, skin, and eyes back and then do setrace highelf.

... I think that's it. :3
Please do not upload her elsewhere. It is unnecessary.