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A true hardcore mode that deletes all save games on player death.

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This is true hardcore mode!  If your player dies, every single file in C:\Users\<user>\Documents\my games\skyrim\saves will be deleted!  By installing this mod, you've got one shot to conquer Skyrim!  


1. Install SKSE
2. Install the Hardcore Mode from the Files tab using Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer
At this point, your game is in hardcore mode, and it will remain in hardcore mode until you uninstall the mod!


1. This mod PERMANENTLY deletes all of Skyrim's save game files on player death!  No exceptions!  There is no save backup!  Nothing!  You have ONE chance, so it's time to buck up, princess and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
2. Remember to move your save games when you start a new character so that a new character dying won't delete saves for a different character.  


This mod should be compatible with 100% all other mods.  This mod does not change anything existing in the game.

Wrye Bash Users: This mod does NOT take into consideration the way Wrye Bash sorts saves.  The mod does NOT consider subdirectories, so it will be useless for those who use Wrye Bash to sort saves into profiles.  


- Support Wrye Bash save sorting
- Delete only the save games of the specific character that died rather than indiscriminately deleting all save files.  

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