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A SweetFX Preset
If you have ENBoost installed and some bright lights or textures look over bloomy, this fix may help!

A well performing preset for SweetFX that looks great.

I use SweetFX for Skyrim because it offers fairly nice visuals with relatively low performance cost. I have tweaked the settings to cause almost no performance dip while still offering the stunning visuals you would expect. I focused on realistic lighting and lively colours. Blues and greens have been saturated lightly while reds remain the same. The settings used include SMAA, bloom, HDR, tone-mapping, vibrance, and dithering. I did my best to make things look bright, but not washed out, and I feel I did a good job at keeping things from being over-bloomy. Days are nice and bright when sunny, but reasonably dark and gloomy during rain or snow.

To install, first make sure SweetFX is properly installed to your game. Then you simply need to move the configuration file into your Skyrim directory and overwrite the original file. SMAA is enabled by default. If your game lags after installing this, open the SweetFX configuration and set SMAA to 0.

*More Images Available in the Images Tab

Known Issues:
  • Some interior cells are too bright and very yellow
  • Mods like Climate of Tamriel can cause strange lighting

*Screenshots were taken with 4k shadows and a few environmental mods. Some aspects may appear different in your game.