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Last updated at 15:18, 18 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 15:18, 18 Aug 2014

This mod changes the interior of the Arch-Mage Quarters to pimp up the place a bit more to my personal liking. This mod changes nothing to the quests so the mod can be installed without you being archmage yet. 

The mod includes:
Staff Enchanter
Alchemy Table
Spider Crafting (DLC2)
Blacksmithing ( My mage likes to craft his own jewelries:) ))
Enchanting Table

I added a lot of different storage for items, you really should check out yourself by just having a look arround. Instead of chests I used triggers to a chest to make the place look more immersive. Also Weapons racks and a couple of Mannequins.


I loved the idea of being able to only place specific items on a specific plaque, or table. This gives myself a somewhat Archievment feeling for having it and displaying it. So many ( not all ) of the special collectors items can be stored in the safe next to the Archmage desk, it will then display somewhere in the room. See picture above. 

Requirements: All skyrim Expansions
                          Latests Update
                          General Displays + DB and DG.

Displayable items: 

Aetherial Crown
Auriels Bow
Auriels Shield
Azuras Black Star
Ebony Blade
Mace of Molag Bal
Masque of Clavius Vile
Mehrunes Razor
Ohgma Infinium
Ring of Hircine
Ring of Namira
Sanguine's Rose
Savior's Hide
Skull of Corruption
Miraaks Boots, Gloves and Robes
Miraaks Staff and Sword
Archmage Robes
Lord Harkons Sword
Helm of Yngol
Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson
Staff of Magnus
Visage of MZund
White Phial
All Dragonclaws Including the Dragonborn one.
All Masks including Dragonborn Masks.
All 3 Elderscrolls.
All 5 of the Alchemist jars.
All Black Books from Apocryphia.
Kobjorns Skull
Pelagius's Hipbone
Both Skullkeys
All 5 Paragons


tueffelachtein     -  for providing the General Display Mod.

Elianora        - For slightly stealing her ideas, it gave me much Inspiration, check out her mods to!

Grantyboy050  - For the amazing Winterhold College Meshes


And a lot of other people for their great Meshes.

Did I forget you to mention? Then I am sorry, my mesh and mod folders are a mess. I can't remember all the authors, but your work is beloved!