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WIP - Version 1.4.6
This mod aims to make every single unique and daedric item in the game craftable and upgradable. This mod is a work in progress and tries to make the recipes as lore-friendly as possible, while still making the items difficult to craft. I am going to do all the daedric items first and then the other ones. Sorry about the wall of text, there are a lot of unique items.

Items done so far: 
-Wuuthrad-4 ebony ingots,4 steel ingots,4 leather strips. 
-Dawnbreaker-1 grand soul gem,2 gold ingots,2 ebony ingots,2 flawless rubies,1 flawless diamond,4 corundum ingots. 
-Ebony Mail-10 ebony ingots,6 steel ingots, 2 black soul gems,2 daedra hearts. 
-Spellbreaker-8 Dwarven ingots,6 corundum ingots, 4 gold ingots, 5 grand soul gems, 10 flawless diamonds. 
-Mace of Molag Bal-5 ebony ingots,4 steel ingots,2 daedra hearts,2 leather strips,2 black soul gems. 
-Mehrunes Razor-2 steel ingots,2 quicksilver ingots,4 ebony ingots,2 daedra hearts,2 leather strips,1 black soul gem. 
-Jagged Crown-4 steel ingots,6 ebony ingots,10 dragon bones. 
-Sanguine Rose-5 ebony ingots,10 flawless rubies,1 grand soul gem. 
-Skull of Corruption-4 steel ingots,6 ebony ingots,1 skull,2 black soul gems. 
-Staff of Magnus-6 ebony ingots,4 leather strips,4 grand soul gems,10 flawless diamonds. 
-Volundrung-20 ebony ingots,10 leather strips,1 daedra heart. 
-Wabbajack-10 ebony ingots,2 grand soul gems,1 daedra heart. 
-Ebony Blade-10 ebony ingots,2 black soul gems,5 leather strips. 
-Masque of Clavicus Vile-10 ebony ingots,10 steel ingots,10 grand soul gems. 
-Ring of Namira-1 gold ring,4 ebony ingots,5 gold ingots,2 grand soul gems. 
-Saviors Hide-4 wolf pelts,1 grand soul gem,2 ebony ingots,5 leather strips,2 leather. 
-Ring of Hircine-1 silver ring,1 black soul gem,1 grand soul gem,6 silver ingots,2 steel ingots.
-Rueful Axe-10 leather strips,10 steel ingots,4 ebony ingots,1 black soul gem. 
-Lockpick-10 for 1 Iron Ingot,100 for 10 Iron Ingots.
-Skeleton Key-3 gold ingots,1 corundum ingots,1 grand soul gem,2 black soul gems.
-Notched Pickaxe-5 iron ingots,1 pickaxe.
-Blade of Sacrifice-5 ebony ingots,3 leather strips,2 black soul gems.
-Keening-5 Dwarven Ingots,4 Malachite ingots,4 leather strips,1 grand soul gem.
-Shiv(X3)-1 iron ingot,5 leather strips.
-Executioners Axe-6 Steel Ingots,4 Iron Ingots,10 Leather Strips. 
-Blade of Woe-6 Ebony Ingots,1 Black Soul Gem,5 leather strips. 
-Nightingale Blade-20 Ebony Ingots.
-Nightingale Bow-10 Ebony Ingots,5 Leather Strips.
-Nightingale Cuirass-30 Ebony Ingots,10 Steel Ingots,2 black soul gems.
-Nightingale Gauntlets-10 Ebony ingots,3 steel ingots,1 black soul gem.
-Nightingale Boots-15 Ebony ingots,5 steel ingots,1 black soul gem.
-Nightingale Helmet-20 Ebony Ingots, 5 Steel Ingots,1 Black Soul Gem 

-Aetherial Staff/Crown/Shield
-Auriels Bow/Shield
-Dawnguard Rune Axe/Hammer/Shield
-Harkon's Sword
-Locket of Saint Jiub 
-Necromancer Amulet
-Shield of Ysgramor
-Targe of the Blooded
-All dragon Priest Masks 
-Guard weapons and armours
-Hold weapons and armours
-All Clothes/Jarl Armours.

None reported so far. 

Unpack contents of zipped file into Skyrim data folder.

Copy and replace contents of zipped file over old file in skyrim data folder.

Incompatible with anything that adds the same unique and daedric items to the crafting lists. 

Please tell me what you think and give tips/suggestions in the comments, and don't forget to like and favourite my mod! :) Also, tell me if you want me to do a patch for a mod like Mysterious Items Pack - Tons of new items - Update 2.1 or something like that. I may be making a dragonborn patch soon.
Also, if there are any YouTube mod reviewers reading this, a mod review would be really helpful! Also, pictures of the mod are good too. :)