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The mod contains 43 kinds of equipable horns and 2 variants of Argonian feathers for male and female characters.

Permissions and credits

First of all I would like to say thank you to Urshi-sensei for teaching me how to use Blender!
So, it’s my first Blender work.

The mod contains 43 kinds of equipable horns and 2 variants of Argonian feathers for male and female characters.
You can create all of them at the smithing forge under Jewelry section.
All the horns and feathers use circlet slot.
Most of the horns use vanilla Skyrim textures, so if you have any retextures installed they will use them.
The mod doesn't support beast races.


DLC Dawnguard
With version 2.0 DLC Dragonborn is required








- Alduin horns
- Two variants of Argonian horns
- Two variants of Argonian feathers
- Blackreach deer horns
- Cow horns
- Horns from daedric helmet
- Horns from iron helmet (male and female versions of helmets)
- Horns from dragonbone helmet
- Horns from dragonscale helmet
- Horns from draugr helmet (male and female versions of helmets)
- Two variants of dremora horns
- Elk horns
- Falmer horns
- Frost giant horns
- Goat horns
- Horns of mammoth tusks
- Purple dragon horns
- Reindeer horns
- Spriggan and spriggan matron horns
- Horns from steel helmet
- Horns from Yngol helmet
- Horns from Clavicus Vile mask
- Arvak horns
- Gargoyle horns
- Vampire Lord crown
- Stone horns
- Burnt spriggan horns
- Flame atronach horns
- Boar horns
- Horns from Skull of Corruption
- Horns from Riekling skull
- Horns from Karstaag skull
- Horns from Riekling helmet (2 versions)
- Seeker tentacles
- Antlers (female deer)

Place mod files into your Data folder.
Activate EquipableHorns.esp in Skyrim launcher.

Remove EquipableHorns.esp from your Data folder.
Remove files from following folders:
- Data/meshes/Nightshade/Wearable horns
- Data/textures/Nightshade/Wearable horns

Bethesda for Skyrim
My dear friend Aisaka for testing and beautiful screenshots.
My dear sensei Urshi for his help.
Elandra for German translation.
Naesia for French translation.

Permission note: You don't need to ask any permissions from me to use these for anything. But please, do not forget to give me a full credit. Do not claim the models as your original work.