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Equipment HUD is a mod designed to increase the fluidity of Skyrim. It adds three configurable HUD widgets that show the names of the currently equipped power/shout and items in the player's left and right hands, preventing the need to check for currently equipped gear in a menu.

Furthermore, since version 2.0, the concept of cycler hotkeys has been implemented. These cycler hotkeys, or cyclers for short, aim to replace the standard Skyrim hotkeys with something more flexible. You are now able to assign 7 weapons, spells, and powers/shouts, to a cycler. A cycler is basically a rotating list of items that you step through by each press of a hotkey. Each hand slot and the power/shout slot get 2 separate cyclers, giving you 6 * 7 = 42 items assignable to hotkeys (or even more if you allow more items per cycler through the MCM). The assignment and management of the cyclers can be done entirely in-game using designated hotkeys for adding, removing, and shifting items around. You don't need to enter the MCM in order to manage the items on a cycler!

All configuration options and hotkey bindings can be backed up to disk (in the Maintenance page of the MCM).

A mod that offers similar functionality is the recently released Souls Quick Menu by Christian Weeks and Zachary McNellis. My mod aims to do things a bit more fluid and visually less intrusive. Do however check out their mod as well!

Cycler Hotkeys

Note: you need to configure your cycler hotkeys in the MCM first!

A cycler is defined by an equip slot (left hand, power/shout, right hand) and a configurable hotkey.
  • To add an equipped item to a cycler, press and hold the "Add to cycler" modifier (suggested `=') and then the cycler hotkey. So if you were holding an iron sword in your right hand, press and hold `=' then `3' to add the sword to your right hand cycler #1. You can then equip something else and add that to the cycler too, in the same way. You can even do this while staying in the inventory menu to quickly equip and add a sequence of weapons or spells to your cyclers.
  • To step through a cycler, simply press its associated hotkey (suggested are 1 and 2 for the left hand cyclers, 3 and 4 for right hand, and 5 and 6 for the power/shout cyclers. You can also step backwards by pressing and holding the "Reverse cycler" modifier (suggested `left shift').
  • To remove an equipped item from a cycler, press and hold the "Remove from cycler modifier (suggested `-') and then the cycler hotkey.
  • To switch the equipped item's position in a cycler, press and hold the "Shift cycler cursor" modifiers (suggested `[' for left and `]' for right), and then the cycler hotkey.
  • All hotkeys can be configured in the MCM.

You can see the status of your cyclers in the HUD widgets using a basic textual scheme where each + represents other items in the cycler. So let's say your left-hand widget shows "1: [ + + Iron Sword]" This means in your cycler #1 you have three items listed, one of which is the iron sword that you have currently equipped. The iron sword is in the last position of the cycler.

HUD Widgets

The behaviour of appearance of the HUD widgets added by the mod are configurable using MCM, allowing several toggles and settings:
  • Visibility mode: Always on, hotkey toggle on/off, hotkey tap and timeout.
  • Enable/disable each individual widget.
  • Hotkey assignment and timeout setting.
  • Widget control: vertical anchor (top/bottom), horizontal and vertical offsets from screen edge, text size and color (white/silver/gray).

Installation, maintenance and removal

The following other mods are required:

This mod uses assets of PapyrusUtil 3.2, which are included in the distribution.

Install using any method, making sure both the ESP and other files end up in the Data directory. Installing a new version should be seamless by overwriting the old files. Removal of Skyrim mods could be tricky (Bethesda offers no support for this), but normally this should be fine.


No records from Skyrim.esm or other base ESM's are modified, only new stuff is added.

Should be compatible with any other mod.


Tools used