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Adds up to three lightning orbs that follow you around and lock on to random enemy targets and blast them.

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Honestly I have no idea how I finally got this to work, crack open the source script, you wont have any idea either :P
I plan to do a frost and fire one for discworld but due to the amount of BS I will NOT do the others as stand alone
Also, can I get a whut whut for a magic missile spell? Can do it now :)
I fixed the script that was bugging the third orb in the first part of the video

As usual discworld trailers, where all these spells will be packed a bit easier in one esp :)

Mod adds a spell tome sitting on the bridge outside Riverwood (Dude, look at the script for this, I was just like F'ING YOLO I'M DONE, F Trigonometry)
The spell will summon up to three shock orbs that hover over the player
1 Orb at destruction level 50
2 at Destruction level 75
3 at Destruction level 100
The orbs will grab a random actor in range of the player and if they are in combat with the player they fire off and blow them up :)
The check re-initiates every 3 seconds per orb
Once fired, you can re-summon the orb, even if you have other orbs left up
Cost is still the same mana though
Damage is 40 direct contact (Usually doesnt happen) and 50 I think for the aoe which is decent sized
I have yet to see them accidentally hit myself so maaaaybe player is immune, no promises

This spell was a absolute bitch, but, I can now kind of track and fire projectiles though making them arc without using gravity is still a mystery to me
IE instead of a blink spell we can make a lobbed projectile that you can flash to at any point in its arc, like a dual trigger spell, one to throw the arcing projectile and second hand to flash to its location in real time
Or a spell to throw like a magelight and a second spell in the other hand to explode it
Lots of useful applications I just wish I hadn't decided to start at like lvl 100 in difficulty but this scripting is mah bitch son!