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Added: 13/08/2014 - 06:59PM
Updated: 11/09/2014 - 07:18AM

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Last updated at 7:18, 11 Sep 2014 Uploaded at 18:59, 13 Aug 2014


After a long break of modding, i have decided to return not with a bang but a simple yet professorial take on the no loading screen shacks you see on the workshop. All my previous known work is added to this mod, such as added details to landscape that werent there when i made the place i built and custom sounds and landscape scenery.

This mod adds a shack/villa off the coast of riftens huge forest. I aimed to make it as lore friendly as possible to not disturb the games looks or scenery in any way while keeping detail to maximum.

Current list - May change in future patches

-Lore friendly, no loading shack/villa complete with landscape overhaul around area built in while keeping navmesh intact. 
-Blacksmith complex 
-Leatherworking complex
-Tanning Rack
-Sharpening Wheel
-Chopping block
-Campsite near lake
-Alchemy and Enchanting areas included as a bonus for fans of my work
-Duluxe bed with cabinet
-Chests/Barrels and satchels galore, all non respawnable, so enjoy putting your stuff in them :).
-Sound effects such as wind and fire crackles added by me.
-Mist effects
-Real pathway to destination 
-Complete rework of surrounding forest and lake
-Archery range
-Sleep under the stars!
-Your very own fisherman!
-Cooking area at coast, complete with kitchen area in the shack
-Dynamic lighting effects at night pulsing through the shack walls! <--- ENB users only

And as much detail you would expect from my mods. 

V.1 Release.