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Makes folded cloth from the Blades Hakama mod craftable.

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This is an expansion of the mod Blades Hakama by atomec, and requires that mod as a master file.

The folded cloth can be crafted at any tanning rack after completing the quest To Craft Folded Cloth.
To craft the cloth after completing the quest you must have the Arcane Blacksmithing and Insightful Enchanter Perks.
The cloth takes one ebony ingot and 3 linen cloths to create.
The reason for these changes: This cloth is special, it provides armor.

The quest starts by asking Esbern how to create the folded cloth after finding and learning the story about Alduin's Wall.

If you are using the cloth version of atomec's Blade's Hakama mod, the old version (1.0) of this mod is fine.

Please note: The quest is currently not starting, I am working to fix this. Please continue to download the old version until I can re-upload the new version.

I will upload more pictures when I get the chance.

Please remember to come back and endorse if you enjoy the mod!

----To Update to 2.0----
Use NMM or copy everything in the zip file to your Skyrim/Data folder and overwrite the existing files.

Blades Hakama

atomec for creating Blades Hakama and for his mention of this expansion.

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