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A little mod that successfully adds pigs, new cows, Roosters, Ducks, Geese,Sheeps and new Goats to the world of Skyrim. also providing a complete loot system with new pelts and meats.

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File has been completely optimized and made 100 % compatible with skytest!!!!

i recommend running this mod with Etayorius Skytest mod for a most realistic Skyrim experience.


my only desire of this mod was to expand things we already had on the site by these wonderful modders, and to share it in the community.
If i am missing someone i apologize and please let me know if i am violating any agreement at nexus and i will take this down immediately.

Change Log

iNeed Patch added. This patch makes Farm Animals compatible with the popular iNeed mod, and should be loaded after Farm Animals and iNeed. 
Users should be aware that if they are using more than one iNeed patch (for other mods), then only the one that comes last in their load order will be operational.

FormID lists (which every iNeed patch utilizes) are not merged in runtime and only the last one wins (last loaded esp). If you want to combine 2 or more iNeed patches, then you'll need to merge the files. That requires a bit of knowledge in both TES5Edit and merge script.

Updated version 1.7.1 Hearthfire Edition

This version has all the same fixes as the regular version, but it adds compatibility for the Hearthfire DLC. You must have the Hearthfire DLC installed, or you will get a CTD.

Updated version 1.7.1

The purple goat and sheep problem is finally sorted out. It seems the esp had the skin texture assigned to the wrong slot (environmental map slot). The meshes were correct, but the esp overrides them. It is now referencing the proper position, so the textures should look normal now. 

Updated version 1.7

This version corrects the file path for the sound files in the esp. The animal sounds should work properly now.

Updated version 1.6.1

I had made some minor name changes to a few textures with the prior version, but mistakenly included the old textures too. This update simply removes those duplicate textures. All the fixes remain intact.

Updated Version 1.6

In Ian's absence, I noticed a number of comments from people having some issue with the mod. Specifically, purple glowing sheep, missing sounds references for pigs, and the obvious mesh seam line on the brown cow. Since Ian gave me access to the mod when I was working on the textures, I decided to fix these issues while he was away. So here's what version 1.6 changes:

1. The identical to masters have been cleaned in TESedit to save people from needing to do that themselves.

2. There was a problem with the meshes referencing the old skytestanimals folder path, as well as references in the esp. I changed all the meshes and the esp so the proper folder path is used for all textures.

3. The sheep meshes now have the proper skin texture applied, so there will be no more purple glowing sheep.

4. The adult goats are now twice the prior resolution, and they have proper skin textures applied.

5. The brown cow texture has been improved to minimize the mesh line showing on the side. It's not invisible, but should be much less notable now.

I hope this fixes most of the issues people were having... Cheers,

Updated Version 1.5

Fixed a missing Goat texture and sheep 

Updated Version 1.4

Made completely compatible with Skytest animals.
fixing issues of frozen animals,  fixing some textures not displaying correctly, fixing some sounds not playing correctly.

made the loot better for cows, goats, and pigs.

added baby goats

Updated Version 1.3

Fixed some problem with a wrong named folder.

Most textures have been redone in a much nicer way. Thanks to Gamwich

Updated Version 1.2

Renamed a Sound folder that  had the wrong name.

Updated Version 1.1 

-Fixed Shinning textures on pigs and cows.

Changed position of some animals to add more immersion.

-Added a few more Sheep in Whiterun farms.


Compatibility patches here!!! check this if you have some of the mods described in this link. Thank you Morashtak!!


I always thought Skyrim was lacking farm animals.. so i created this some months ago. and i decided to share it with the community.

It adds many new farm animals to the farms of Skyrim,  i thought we needed something that only added some farm life with more variety.
All animals have their respective loot. like meat. fur. etc. with realistic stats so you get a good amount of stamina or health when you eat their beef.
For example. pig gives bacon, ham, sheep gives you lamb meat and sheep wool to sell. and every single food can be cooked for an extra buff.

Roosters will sing at 5 am every morning for those early runners. scripting thanks to EtaYorius.

This mod only adds some animals to most farms of Skyrim, so it is compatible with almost every mod out their i would imagine.
I have tested it with Skytest animals, skybirds, and other animals mods and it works perfectly along. It is also compatible with realistic needs and diseases.
For best compatibility.. place this mod as one of your first mods in your load order. 

If you would like to be able to milk cows and get milk,   please check out this mod
and right after.. install this mod
when it asks you to overwrite. put the far right option 'NO'
Important----->   make sure the cow milking esp is after all the mods that are related to animals and foods.

If you want your animals to have different textures at the same time.. search AUTOMATIC VARIANTS on Nexus

I created this mod with inspiration of Skytest  Realistic Animals and predators by EtaYorius
When i installed his mod, i could only run the light version, but at the same time i realy wanted his farm animals.. so i decided to make this mod, added some new animals.. made a food a loot system for them and added some new textures and skins.
Some textures are not that great because i am not a Pro at making textures. so if someone would like to help to make some better ones. you are welcome to try.

So most credits go to EtaYorius for providing the idea, extras and helping me to make this mod possible.
Credits also for

Gamwich  For making the textures look amazing.

Qasiermo   Cow mesh and texture

shingouki2002 for modifying some animal meshes to give a baby appearearance

MaxSustain for the Low Resolution Textures Pack

Vioxsis for modifying the rest of the Animals to fit baby proportions


Macadamstreet for his PIG & GOOSE MESH

LazySkeever for the Optimized Audio Files

Cansu for Providing nicer Sheep Textures

Marcius for giving tips on how to fix glow on textures

Todd Howard------------------for being awesome :D

If i am missing someone i apologize and please let me know if i am violating any agreement at nexus and i will take this down immediately.
my only desire of this mod was to expand things we already had on the site by these wonderful modders, and to share it in the community.

All the best and hope you like the mod :)