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Ever feel like setting up a trap and watching people with sweetooths come barging in to their deaths? Well now you can!

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I am officially done with spells, this took 7.5 hours and half of that was debugging and trying to make it fire silent, it doesn't, it fires really really quiet but seems no matter what I do the game fires a detection event on spellcast NO MATTER WHAT
So first off, as usual, video

And as usual Discworld trailers

Mod adds a new recipe at any forge to craft the spring trap
Something like 
2 Pies
6 Iron Ingots
4 Dwarven Ingots
1 Sweet Roll
2 Fire Salts
1 Common soul gem
3 Firewood

Once crafted you learn the placement spell automatically
Only one trap should be placed at a time, it does consume reagents upon placement, so think carefully
The trap will draw in a random person in range who is NOT in combat and is NOT in a follower faction
Once the person snatches the goodies the trap will spring and magic will happen

Sometimes the bodies get stuck in living animations when dead, probably something to do with knocking them around like crazy
You can cast the spell at people and the box will drop but the trap takes 3 seconds to arm so if they move oh well
People can get through it before it triggers sometimes
You can lure people in combat into it by being on one side, any actor who walks in the center of it will trigger it, friend or foe
YOU CAN TRIGGER IT YOURSELF TO, Perks will not help you

So far I have seeneverything but a mammoth and dragon go in the trap so giggidy