DE's slower but deadlier bows and crossbows by DrakeEvil
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Added: 12/08/2014 - 02:07PM
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Last updated at 15:32, 12 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 14:07, 12 Aug 2014

A small mod that halves the attack speed of bows and crossbows but doubles the base and critical damage. 
(To avoid some confusion: most bows have a different attack speed, the daedric bow (as seen in the video) is on of the slowest!)

The aim of this mod is to bring some realism to archery but not to destroy the whole balancing. I tested it on some bandits and other bowman and it worked pretty well. Especially in close combat archers have just one chance to deal damage with bow and then should change to meele weapons.

This mod changes every bow and crossbows base damage, attack speed and critical damage without any scripts!

The only problem is that every mod changing this values too should conflict with this mod.

At the moment I just made a mod for the main game including all DLCs and one for the main game only.