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A Colt 1911 Gun Belt to Accent My Colt 1911 Weapon (WIP) This was made for "Female Character" for now This is one of Two Mods I've ever really worked on and I can tell ya! all these people up here who have made skyrim so wonderful they really work hard on this stuff. I Now Have This For Both Genders

Permissions and credits
I'm No Longer Supporting This Mod If Anyone Would Like To Use It and Make It Better Feel Free To Do So. I Personally Would Like To it With The Animation That Lets You Draw The Weapons. I've Created Another Mod Named Rusheeda, She is A Wolf Follower Like None other On the Nexus, Go Give Her a Try You Won't Be Sorry You Did!!!!!!

Made For Both Gender Now!!! I hope you all like them!!!!

Just a note on the guns: the male gun is under Daedric and the Female is under Ebony same as it was I had to set it that way because the game just wouldn't see both in the Ebony Category...or it's most likely I just don't know that much about all this so I'm doing something wrong LOL!! At any case the files are here for your enjoyment, Oh and one other thing for the male gun I tried to get it to fit the best I could into the Male hand but without proper animations The male Hand seems to be in an entirely Different position Than the female hand so there you have it all that I can do with these for what little I know about Modding I have tested them so there shouldn't be any problems I hope! If so let me know please so I can see about fixing them. Thank You All For Your Downloads And Endorsements I do Really Appreciate Them all!!!!!!!  

Simply A Gun Belt To wear while using the Colt 1911 gun mod. 

I Hope You all Enjoy The Fun, Oh!!!!.....Also You should checkout Zombies In Skyrim these Mod's Fit the Bill For Zombie Hunting......So Good Hunting.

Can Be Used With Followers as Well, I've Used These With Sofia and She uses them

You can Get Both Items By Forging Them, The GunBelt is in Leather and The Gun is Found in Ebony 

 Version 1.001: New sound Files For the Gun and New Texture For the Gun Belt.

"Looking For Someone To Help with Animation For This Mod Please PM Me" 

Special Credit To:

Mikloud : Creator Of The "Flintlock Pistol" His Work can Be Found At http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8533/?

guest Starring:

ReaverLord : Creator Of "Chapman Tomb Raider" 
His Work can Be Found At  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49430/?
Thank you Both For your hard works and giving me permission To post these mods.

I Would Like To Give A Special Thanks To Nightasy For His Help and Fantastic Tutorials He has On 3ds Max and NifSkope You Can Find Them AT: http://www.brainpoof.com/tutorials/