Room of Mannequins by TilTheEndOfTime
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Added: 12/08/2014 - 12:23AM
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Last updated at 22:26, 17 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 0:23, 12 Aug 2014

Update 8/17: Added weapon racks beside the mannequins, with my little personal idea of a shield holder on the lower half (in my opinion, looks better than the mannequin holding it. If you'd rather your mannequins hold shields, just don't use it I won't mind) As well as 8 chests, 2 on each side of the room. Overwriting previous ESP should just add these things and keep your mannequin army suited up ready for battle, I mean, display!! :D
If not, just place old file back and collect the armor before updating.

-No teleport spell...yet. I don't know scripting D: There's a video tutorial, but I currently only have mobile data internet... and I'd have to watch in HD to read the text=lots of data I can't spare. Eventually I'll add it, but not anytime soon, sorry guys. If some rogue scriptor wants to script a teleport to/from spell for this mod, that would be awesomesauce! 

Description: 80 mannequins, 80 weapon+shield racks, 8 chests. Located just outside of Markarth to the south, over the stream.

By request, and additions by request,
Need something? Just ask.

Warning: Mannequins are creepy and might move around on their own or strike random poses. I did what I could to prevent that. Putting armor on them will put them back in place if so. Also don't save/load game inside the room, it'll be like Andy walking in on a Toy Story party. 

-I don't know how stable a room full of armor and weapons will be... leaving-saving-reload-entering should fix some things.
-If you run into ghosts: there is some weird collision bug, like the mannequins moved around invisibly, leaving their skin... I don't know what's going on! D: But Visually, room looks fine, so I'm personally not worried about it.