New Spell - RAMPAAAAAGE by darren83
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Added: 12/08/2014 - 12:18AM
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Last updated at 0:12, 12 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 0:18, 12 Aug 2014

Someone better enjoy this! Friggen getting the random rage control to make the player murder random aliases was a B*******tch
It's like Kenny Loggins takes over your character!

As usual discworld videos

Adds a spell tome in the Honningbrew Meadery, those sneaky bastards were holding out on us!
Spell sends the player into a rampage for 60 seconds
50% increased move speed
100% increased attack speed (With the weapon it gives you)
50% chance every 8 seconds to become controlled and dish out random violence to ANYBODY for 8 seconds (ANYBODY!) Uses games pathing so can get weird at times, also can just straight pick a corpse I think cause my character beat the hell out of one for 16 sec straight once
Requires one Daedra Heart per cast