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I highly recommend downloading the NUS All in One option unless for some reason you really don't want all three sets, but remember, nothing is being replaced, so there's really no reason not to get the All in One.


This mod adds unenchanted Nightingale Weapons and multiple Armor and Clothing sets that can be crafted, tempered, and enchanted with whatever enchantment you want.
The weapons and 4-piece sets are identical in appearance to the Nightingale Armor set but have been modified to fit your play style.

Please post a comment with your thoughts on the mod, I'd really appreciate any feedback.
Also, post any ideas for new sets or issues with current sets and I'll see what I can do.
Hit endorse if you like the mod, thanks.

Light Set and Weapons
Unenchanted Light Armor and Weapons with default Nightingale values.
  • Requires Advanced Armors Perk to craft at a forge.
  • Armor is found in the Dragon section.
  • Weapons are found in the Daedric section.

Mage Set
Unenchanted clothing with 0 armor and 4 weight total. Works with the Mage Armor Perk.
  • Craft at a Tanning Rack in the Misc section.

Heavy Set
Unenchanted Heavy Armor with Daedric armor values but slightly less weight.
  • Requires Orcish Smithing Perk to craft at a forge.
  • Armor is found in the Dragon section.

NOTE: The pictures were taken with the "Nightingale Prime HD" texture replacer mod as well as the "scoped bows" mod. Your items will have the default look unless you have a mod that changes them as well.

To install simply download the file and extract the .esp(s) to your Skyrim/Data folder.
Or, use Nexus Mod Manager

(only worry about this if you're upgrading to the next version of a set, not when adding new sets)
I think it's OK if you just install the new file with Nexus Mod Manager and overwrite the old file but it may be a good idea to follow these instructions just to be safe:
First remove any NUS items from your inventory. (I'd recommend putting them in a barrel somewhere). Next, uninstall from Nexus Mod Manager and delete. If you installed manually, open the Skyrim Launcher and uncheck the ".esp" from the data files, then delete from the Skyrim/Data folder.
Once you've fully removed the old file, install the new one.

This mod doesn't modify any existing data so it should be compatible with everything, even mods that change the Nightingale textures like these three that I use:
Nightingale Prime HD by ZeroFrost
Nightingale Pride by IKocMoHaBTl
Scoped Bows by OutLaw666

Thanks to RearEchelon for the mage clothing idea