Nerfed Racial Resists by DaveEscape
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****Why did you make this?****
I was tired of being able to walk through storms of magical fury without losing so much as 10% health. Magic should be DANGEROUS.
I also thought that the beginning stats for characters are just way too high.

Changelist  V 2.0 =

Argonian = 10% Disease Resist, Histskin reduced from 10/s to 5/s
Breton = 5% Magic Resist
Dark Elf Race = 10% Fire Resist
High Elf = Reduced Magicka regen Highborn power from 25/s to 10/s
Imperial = No need, balanced
Khajiit = Extra claw damage reduced to 5 (from 15)
Nord = 10% Frost Resist
Orc = Berserk now only does 50% more damage & 25% less damage suffered (as opposed to 100% for each)
Redguard = 10% Poison Resist, reduced Stamina regen power from 50/s to 10/s
Wood Elf = 5% Poison Resist, 5% Disease Resist

Changelist  V 3.0 =

Breton = Nerf Dragonskin power to 5% from the RIDICULOUS 50%. (so now they have an effective 10% magic resist, with perks)
Redguard = Changed the description for Stamina Regen Power to it's proper form. (2x faster rather than 10x)