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This mod allows you to literally grow up in Skyrim with your own family and hometown
that will grow up with you. Also adds four stages of life - child, teenager, adult, and elder

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  • Polish
Growing Up in Skyrim - Alpha - WIP


*This mod allows you to literally grow up in Skyrim.
*This mod adds playable teenager races for all of the human races and a playable elder race.
*This mod adds a family for your player character and their own home.
* The player's family will grow up with the player, but at their own rate.
* The children in the player's hometown will grow up with the player, but at their own rate.
* Child and teenage players will get gradually taller as well as the child and teenage NPCs in the player's hometown.
* Family members are also followers, so you can go on adventures with
your sibling or parent(s).
* This mods adds stages of life that are managed by the player's level.

Stages of Life:
Level 1-19: Child
Level 20-29: Teenager
Level 30-79:  Adult
Level 80+:  Elder

* A playable child race - There are many good ones here on the nexus. 
  RS Children Overhaul 
  Xvision Children Playable Race 
  Higher Magic Children Character (Play as vanilla children)  
* Skyrim & the latest update

Future plans for this mod:
* More dialog and interaction with family members and hometown NPCs.
* Support for additional races (khajiit, argonians, elves)
* Voice acting for all of the family members.
* Hearthfire Compatibility 

* For now, it only works with the human races, but I plan to add functionality for Khajiit and Argonians in the near future.
* It is best to start a new game as a child to access all of the mod's features.
* Nelkir, Jarl Balgruf's son, will remain a child because of the mephala
  quest he plays a role in. 
* As of now there are two versions:
The original version and a version for those who use
RS Children. Please only download one file.

* Northern Bathhouses mod - uses the same spot as the
whiterun house.


* Hallgarth and lofgren for helping me with the growth script. 
* My playtesters and those who have helped with character design. 
(havoc0423, xCODLegendx, TornadoKat, & PoipleLolipops)

I hope you enjoy my mod!