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The original mod adds a race (Youseirace), a follower (Tundra Fairy) findable in Whiterun, and several spells of its own.

This mod adds the opportunity to become a fairy queen and a few other spells:
- Change human into fairy and vice versa (Your character and Several NPCs. Does not work on males, creatures, beast races, and children for the NPCs.), And develop a faction.
- Modify the wings of faction members. (Models from here:

To become queen, find the potion (out of nowhere) in or near a circle of mushrooms (google!). Drink it, then wait a few hours (duration random load between 6 and 24 hours in the game, in 3 phases.)

The charging time is also happening for NPCs, the first time you throw them out (3 hours).

After, I let you discover the rest.

Update 1.1:
-Compatibility with custom races (20 max).

Update 1.2:
-New spell for the queen fairy: Detection of members of the faction.
-Blocking the third person in the fairy form.
-More readable notifications.
-Unequips weapon(s) on fairy at transformation
-Fixed Back-to-normal
-Fixed details
(Thanks to GuruSR for the help.)
-The body of the fairy will be immediately linked to the human female body.

Update 1.3:
-Bug fix: Now, you can to open the magic menu during the first phase of your transformlation.
-Compatible with males.
-Inclusion animated Anton wings:

Update projects:
-A RP background including research notes of a mysteriously disappeared mage. (How fairies are they created in the universe of "The Elders Scrolls"?)
-The opportunity to meet and kill other transformed fairies. (Exept that found in Whiterun.)
-Quests and donjons.
-Perks and signs system.
-Possibility of wear wings in human form

Comments, ideas for improvements, images, remarks, bugs, lack of English? ...

Oh, and also, be indulgent:

Thank you!

Existe aussi une version en Français. Signalez-moi si vous appercevez des anomalies.