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Imperial or Stormcloak Ranger Set

Many thanks to mysticentity and to The Creation Kids for their awesome logo.
Many thanks to hodilton and to izon87604 who made those awesome videos for my mod. ^^

Author: haldir307

Many thanks to alduin78 who gave me the idea to make this mod and that supported me with his suggestions during the retexturing progress,
even i did not thought about it which it was front of my eyes!
Also many thanks again to Faelrin who remodeled this armor mesh for the GRA mod and that allowed me to use it for the this mod too.
For the 2k gloves and boots which does not exist in skyrim's high res patch, i took permission from redtox to retexture and use from her mod "Thieves Guild Armor HD revival" many many thanks to redtox.


The "Imperial or Stormcloak Ranger Set" mod is the same style of my other mods "Gondorian Ranger Armor" and "Gondorian Ranger Bow", the only asset i use in this mod from GRA mod is the remodeled mesh that removes side bag with it's belt and pouches, which is remodeled by Faelrin, the rest of all of the work, meshes and textures, i edited all from scratch with the same way from GRA mod and not used the same assets from it!
I made the "Imperial Ranger Set" and "Stormcloak Ranger Set" separate main files
for those want only one side to play and it will take less time to download.
But those who want to play both sides, one after the other,
they can download the big main file "Imperial & Stormcloak Ranger Set"
which includes both armor meshes/textures and one merged esp.

The armor, gloves, boots and hood are in the Leather section, but the cape and cloak are in Misc section!

Extract "Imperial Ranger Set" or "Stormcloak Ranger Set" or "Imperial and Stormcloak Ranger Set", copy the folders "Meshes" and "Textures" and the esp file in ProgramFiles (x86)-Steam-SteamApps-common-Skyrim-Data
ISRS - Bow Damage Fix - Values Correction - Leveled Item List

This file contains three updated esp that fixes the Bow Damage, that corrects the armor parts values and that adds Leveled list.
People reported to me that the damage is overpowered,
so i reduced Weapon Damage from 80 to 40 and Critical Damage from 40 to 20.
Sorry for the delay, i had some issues in game with the Leveled List, but i found out what it was and make it work.
Many thanks to Teabag86 who helped me by telling what to edit in Creation Kit for the Leveled List.

First you need one of the main files installed!
Extract "ISRS-Bow Damage Fix-Values Correction-Leveled Item List", select only one, the new updated esp to replace the old one,
copy "ImperialRangerSet" or "StormcloakRangerSet" or "ImperialStormcloakRangerSet" in ProgramFiles (x86)-Steam-SteamApps-common-Skyrim-Data

ISRS-2k textures / SRS-2k textures / IRS-2k textures

Finally i released 2k textures for the "Imperial or Stormcloak Ranger Set".

I uploaded 3 Optional Files and each one replaces an equal Main File, "ISRS-2k textures" is to replace "Imperial and Stormcloak Ranger Set",
"SRS-2k textures" is to replace "Stormcloak Ranger Set" and "IRS-2k textures" is to replace "ImperialRangerSet".

First you need one of the main files installed!
Extract "IRS-2k textures" or "SRS-2k textures" or "ISRS-2k textures", copy the folder "Textures" and replace all
in ProgramFiles (x86)-Steam-SteamApps-common-Skyrim-Data

ISRS-No Leveled Item List

This is for those who want only their character player to have the set(s).
Its an Optional Files which contains 3 esp which replaces the equal Main File's esp(s).

First you need one of the main files installed!
Extract "ISRS-No Leveled Item List", select only one, the new optional esp to replace the old one,
copy "ImperialRangerSet" or "StormcloakRangerSet" or "ImperialStormcloakRangerSet" in ProgramFiles (x86)-Steam-SteamApps-common-Skyrim-Data

Run SkyrimLauncher, click to Data Files and checkmark the empty box of the "ImperialRangerSet.esp" or "StormcloakRangerSet.esp" or "ImperialStormcloakRangerSet.esp",
checkmark the empty box of Load Loose Files and click OK.
Attention please, if the Data Files section is grey and isn't working, go to this directory:
C:Users****DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim
and open SkyrimPrefs.ini, find the [Launcher] and type under of the last line,
those two lines exactly like they are:
Save and close it, go back to SkyrimLauncher and enable the checkmarks i told before,
you are ready to enjoy the Imperial or Stormcloak Ranger Set(s).
Incompatible Issue(s)?
If the armors, bows and quivers are not appearing on Imperial and Stormcloak soldiers, you have to use
lojack's Wrye Bash!
It can merge Leveled Lists and will make compatible the mods you are using, which are containing:
"ArmorImperialLightSetNoHelmet, ArmorImperialLightSet, ArmorStormcloakSet,
ArmorStormcloakSetNoHelmet and ArmorStormcloakSetHelmetFullFace".
Well, how to use it?
The description and images of Wrye Bash are explaining you the usage or check
alt3rn1ty's Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide
People who have the items twice in blacksmith, its because they installed the mod with NMM!
NMM installs everything at once, which means you have all three esp activated and not one!
As i explain in description i created the mod for people who want "only Stormcloak" or "only Imperial" or "Both in one".
I always write manual installation for the reason i have no idea who to create NMM version with options.
All my mods are manual.

Just uninstall everything with NMM and install manually the main version first but one esp you want, then replace it with the same named esp of the optional version and activate them from the game's Launcher.
1) Users/Modders are not allowed to upload my files to other sites!
2) Users/Modders are not allowed to convert my file so that it works on similar games!
3) Users/Modders are not allowed to modify my file including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game and upload it as a seperate file!
4) Users/Modders are not allowed to use assets contained in my files in their own files!
5) Translations are allowed, no need to ask me. 
6) Users/Modders are not allowed to upload my mods on Steam Workshop as their own to obtain money and it means the same for Permissions 2/3/4, my mods will always stay on nexus for free!

Credits for the removed parts on the armor's meshes goes to Faelrin.
Credits for the cool idea about this mod, for supporting me with his suggestions during the retexturing progress, goes to alduin78.
Credits for the 2k gloves and boots goes to redtox.
Credits for the work and lots of hours on this mod, also to me!
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