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Adds enchantments that provide immunity to paralysis and disarm effects

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What does it do?
This mod adds two new enchantments:

Steadfast - makes you immune to paralysis and Thu'um knockdown effects. Instead, whenever you are paralyzed you will get staggered, whenever you are struck by a fus ro dah you will get staggered and lose 200 stamina, and whenever you are targeted by Ice Form you should be hit by the effects of Frost Breath instead (damage, slow, stamina drain).

Iron Grip - makes you immune to all disarm effects. Instead, whenever you get disarmed you will lose 50 stamina.

The mod comes in two flavours - Limited and Freedom. In the limited version Steadfast can only be enchanted on chest armor, rings and necklaces, and Iron Grip can only be enchanted on gloves, rings and necklaces. In the freedom version they can both be enchanted on anything except for weapons.

There are also two separate files available in the optional files section that add poison and stagger immunity enchantments respectively, as well as a version of the main mod extended to protect you against spells/attacks in Sands of Time.

How do I use it?
The enchantments can be learned by disenchanting the included Necklace of Unyielding and Sticky Gloves. They can be found in a cupboard on the first floor of Uthgerd's house in Whiterun. 

See file descriptions for the optional enchantment locations.

Anything else?
I highly recommend using this in conjunction with Dienes' TwoRings, which I find to be a great way to make situational enchantments more attractive.

Just drop the esp in your skyrim\data folder or use your favorite mod manager, you already know this stuff. The mod is script free and can be uninstalled without consequences (apart from losing a couple of handy enchantments).

Load order
Put the mod at, or close to the end of your load order (after any magic/enchantment/shout mods) to ensure proper functioning of the mod. I have designed the mod with compatibility in mind as much as possible, and it shouldn't conflict with other mods in any significant way.

If you are still being affected by paralyses/disarms/shout knockdowns, then a mod you are using has added additional versions of these spells/effects. If this is the case, let me know which mods you are using that may have added more spells to creatures and I will look into making a compatible version.