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A picture is worth a thousand words:

Video demonstration:

If you uninstall some custom enemies mods like Skyrim Monster Mod, Skyrim Immersive Creatures, High-Level Enemies, you will get broken (stuck) animations, often described as T-pose (actors are moving with no animations, human creatures usually have no head).

- This is NOT a mesh or animation problem.
- This is NOT a script problem.
- No, you DON'T have to reinstall your game or update the Meshes folder.

This is purely a game engine issue. 

This utility mod uses a script to reset the closest non-unique characters and ReAnimate them back to life. Script is triggered on cell change / game load and when the time is passing by.

Technically, every character is processed only once (actors processed in the past won't receive any attention even after you reload the cell), so there should be no unnecessary script delays.

This mod is designed as a temporary solution. The "broken" creatures should disappear after a while. You can try to uninstall the mod after 31 days.


How to uninstall ReAnimate?
Enter the interior cell, save the game and uninstall.

I don't want to install your mod. Can I fix this manually?


1) You can try to wait for 31 days in the interior cell (no guarantees)
2) Such characters can be also manually fixed with a console when you meet them:
- Click on the "broken" character
- Type "disable"
- Close the console and wait for a second
- Open the console, type "enable"

Here is the idea behind the fix:

Please, note, this mod will greatly reduce the risk of experiencing the broken animation, but I won't give any promises that it will work in 100% of cases. You know, I don't run the check every second because of obvious reasons. So if you encounter the "broken" actor, please, use the console solution (this should happen very rarely).

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