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NB.: this is a work in progress! Unfortunately, as the author of FLP, I am not a native English speaker (I'm Dutch). Please leave suggestions for improvements in the Forum-thread.

This is the translated esp that requires all official DLC's.

Description of FollowerLivePackage, the mod this re-translation is for:

-         FLP extends the default follower’s AI
-         Extends the conversation options for followers
-         Own follower framework. Add up to 108 followers!
-         ‘Communicationbetween species’ means you can add non-human species as followers to the FLP framework
-         ‘Multi-raceform’: player and followers can transform into any race during combat (vampire, werewolf etc.)
-         Squad organization
-         Wardrobe settings for different areas (indoors, in towns etc.)
-         Shared inventory
-         Summon campsite
-         Pay salary to your followers
-         …and many more features!
Followers AI
Auto-relax, heal and buff other followers and yourself. Followers will loot bodies, can summon a ride, act on their own in towns, gather ingredients from nature, can cure disease, worship at a shrine and get the appropriate blessing. You can set the distance for your followers and how they should maintain that distance. All these settings can be applied and changed through the MCM menu or through conversation with the follower.

Furthermore, followers will take care of the purchase of food, lockpicks and healing potions. They can sell firewood, food and ore. You can set quantities for trading in the MCM menu or through conversation. Followers will also find trainers to train their abilities. You can set the costs for these trainings.


Followers can:
-         get ore from veins
-         ingots from smelters
-         create potions of healing and cure disease at alchemy tables
-         Cook food using cooking pots / spits
-         create sacks of flour at grain mills (3 wheat)
-         tan leather and leather strips at the tanning rack
-         upgrade equipped weapons using ingots using the grindstone
-         create lockpicks at an anvil using iron ingots
-         create unique ‘ throwing poisons’ scrolls everywhere using the in-game poisons. The magnitude and the duration of the effect is defined by the alchemy skill of the follower
-         create a new staff once the follower has the spell from a not enchanted staff and a Heart Stone
-         create random scrolls at an enchanting table from a quill

Followers gain 0.1 skill experience by reading a skill book that they have in their inventory.

Followers charge their equipped enchanted weapon when they are not in combat. You can choose whether or not this will consume soul-gems.
Followers randomly perform random actions when in an idle state. You can set the the chance that this happens in the MCM menu or through conversation. (These actions can be out of context, for example followers can start waving or start carrying a flowerbasket which can cause comical but also immersion-breaking situations)

When the player is not sneaking and has no weapon drawn, followers sing and / or play an instrument. You can set the chance of this to happen using the MCM menu or through conversation.
You can register up to 128 different clothing settings. You can set what a follower should wear indoors, in cities and during combat. You can also set that a follower will un-equip his or her helmet and / or shield when not in combat.
Communication between species
With this enabled you can recruit up to 108 non-human followers. These followers will be added to the FLP framework. You can set this to apply to humans too so you can add the ‘normal’ followers to the FLP framework. This is advised so you can use the special options from FLP.

Special followers, like Inigo, can be added too. Currently, I have Inigo added and haven’t encountered any issues yet.
When you want to add someone to the FLP framework, use the option ‘(FLP) Follow me…’ from the conversation menu.
Multi-race form
You can register the race of your follower (for example werewolf or vampire). You can open the settings when you are in a sneaking position. Followers can transform into any race when in combat. You can adjust settings through conversation with your follower.

First download the FollowerLivePackage (link)
Then download and install this mod. Overwrite the original files.

Thanks to oldcyder for creating FLP!