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Roman / Imperial themed player home with no load doors.

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A Roman villa styled player base with no load doors.

Central courtyard with swimming pool.

Peaceful place to reflect on your latest victory.

All crafting stations and plenty of named safe storage.
Patrolled around the clock by a number of guards, all of whom are able to be recruited as followers and are marriageable.
In-house merchant who is also available as follower and marriage partner.
Slave/servant to add immersion.
Auto closing/locking front gate.


v1.1 Added some clutter to all rooms, as well as chopping block to work area. Replaced all Roman armor and weapons with Imperial versions.

v1.2 Tweaked a few idle markers and added face data in case of greyface bug.

v1.3 Added all required files, as well as a redesigned back patio.

v1.5 Added self-closing and locking gates, extra NPC, archery gear for guards and tweaked courtyard lighting.

v1.6 Improved lighting, fixed pots in rear altar, added wall hangings.


Thanks to Jedo Dre for his terrific Roman Imperial Armor and Weapons.
Shadow1259 for the pool tile textures.
Malo (Kalten1979) for the Dragonborn statue from Malo Statues.
3dregenerator and Tamira for the Antique statue.
blary and stoverjm for the Open Books Library.
blary for Food Container Resource

Required Mods

Roman Imperial Armor and weapons by Jedo Dre

Only required for the optional Roman version. Use only one file or the other.

Highly Recommended Mods

Amazing Follower Tweaks (AFT) by Dheuster

Guard Dialogue Overhaul by Eckss

Recommended Mods

DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99

Better Males by Chris57 and FavoredSoul


Located opposite the Western Watchtower just outside Whiterun.
Any compatibility issues will stem from the location, as there is nothing in the mod which alters the game outside of location.


1. Gives well-rested bonus. Though it doesn't come up on screen, it will be in your active effects.
2. Not adoption friendly.
3. Definitely an Imperial base, Stormcloaks will have to look elsewhere.
4. Fully navmeshed and follower friendly.
5. It will rain inside, as you are actually outside.
6. Key is found in strong-box to the right of front stairs. All guards already have this key.


Simply download and unzip to your Skyrim Data folder.
There is no dependency if you download the main standalone file, but you will miss out on Jedo Dre's fantastic Roman armor and weapons.


Delete main file. Delete meshes and textures as they are set out in the download.

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