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Last updated at 20:24, 8 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 18:41, 9 Aug 2014

I think I may have overdone the awesomeness this time
(thatnks to one of my VA's matt for uploading to youtube, I have had this ready for 2 days now I think and youtube will not process any videos for me)

As usual Discworld Alpha trailers

Mod adds a spell in Sovngarde (Cause it's just that damn OP)
Spell will cause a Temporal Flux that sucks anyone within the event horizon to the center where devastating bolts of lightning will throw them around :)
3 second charge up
Will affect player
Will affect ANYTHING movable

Your welcome, now get out there and blow sh*t up!
Oh as a note torgue audio files do not appear in the mod, would be awesome but would also be copywrited :P