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This mod adds two brand new spells and a new set of heavy armour.

Permissions and credits
The armour in the mod is not yet finished. I want to work on improving the textures and add a tail.

Spells included:
-Summon the Master Chicken
This spell summons the Master Chicken for 120 seconds. He is invulnerable and knows some shouts. Due to difficulties with getting a chicken to fight, he now has no animation.
-Summon Chickens
This spell summons 5 chickens, every time it is cast. The chickens won't disappear, so unless you intend to destroy them all again or use them as little walking bombs (if you've got 'explosive chickens' installed') I recommend not to cast the spell often at the same place. It will cause performance loss.

Armour included:
-Full heavy chicken armour.
It has a helmet, boots, gloves and the cuirass. The whole armour except the helmet are taken from the dark-brotherhood armour. The mesh for the helmet is custom-made.

The spell-tomes and the armour can be found in Riverwood, but the armour can also be created.

The mod works well with the 'explosive chickens' mod. I have not tested it with any other.

To Do list:
-Create a tail for the armor
-Create a female version of the armor
-Figure out how to get the chicken's animation back for the Master Chicken
-Create world-items an menu-items for the armor-pieces