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Make the objects blocked by bugged scripts activatable again

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This little utility mod was made by request since no other tool is capable of fixing this problem.

This mod is NOT designed to work all the time
Download => fix your problem => Uninstall the mod

Imagine you uninstalled Economics of Skyrim and suddenly all the furniture stop working. Or just encountered the bug in Falskaar where you unable to activate some Lever. Well, you name it.
There are hundreds of scripts that block the activation of some object in the game. The game will keep the reference blocked even after you uninstall the mod.

This issue is caused by scripts (usually with some purpose) but can't be fixed by script cleaners, because the information about blocking is kept by the object reference, not the script instance.

How to fix:
- Install the mod
- Walk near the blocked reference. It will be unblocked automatically. Continue with other blocked references.
- Start sneaking (not really nessesery), save the game and uninstall the mod

Works with any reference (Door, Furniture, Chest, Lever, Button etc) that was created from the vanilla object class.