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Added: 06/08/2014 - 07:27PM
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i've found expert too easy, i'm too adjusted to it, but master is annoying to me with the long combat and sometimes ridiculous enemies that can one shot you with something that isn't even their specialty (ex: a mage with an axe). I made this mod for myself so that i could have a challenge without having to run around and kite any enemy that is higher than average for an entire fight.

Damage By Player decreased to x.65 from the default x.75

Damage to player Increased from x1.5 to x1.6

The normal damage scales are this

                Damage by player   |   Damage to player

Novice             x2                   |         x.5
Apprentice       x1.5                |         x.75
Adept              x1                   |         x1
Expert             x.75                |         x1.5
Master            x.5                   |        x2
Legendary       x.25                 |        x3

This is where i learned how to do this, it's very simple and recommended if you want to customize a difficulty.

Hope you have a fun time playing :D

I recommend deadly combat in place of this mod, but if you're like i was when i made this mod and you don't want to both overhauling the combat system then go nuts with this mod. also have fun :D

Deadly Combat mod