People are Strangers by Sagittarius22
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Added: 08/08/2014 - 01:48PM
Updated: 12/08/2014 - 03:43PM

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Last updated at 15:43, 12 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 13:48, 8 Aug 2014

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What does this mod do ?

I was bothered by the fact that you could know people's name without ever having talked to them.

Also, believe it or not, but such a mod was requested to me a LOT by people of the Fallout New Vegas/Skyrim community, so yeah, here it is.

This mod is simple enough: people will be called "?" until you actually get to talk to them or they talk to you.
Things you should know:

  • This does not affect guards.
  • Jarls won't be called "?" but simply "The Jarl" until you talk to them.
  • Does not apply to animals and other non-humanoid PNJ's such as falmers, dwemer bots, etc.
  • Is compatible with any mod as far as I know.
  • Does NOT require SKSE.
  • Does affect dead bodies.
  • Only ONE script will run only ONCE you launch the game, then once you change your race, otherwise it won't run.
  • Does not affect the game's performances.
  • Will affect NPC's from other mods and DLC's.
  • Will take into account NPC's you talked/haven't talked to before the mod was installed.