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Random patches for random mods (Requiem, You Hunger, Open Cities, Interesting NPCs, Expanded Towns and Cities).

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The name of this is stupid, but Googlable. Sorry.

Patches you can find here so far:

-Requiem Patch-

Patch for Requiem + Open Cities to add locks and lock levels to doors replaced by open cities, also brings crime punishment amounts back up to Requiem levels since these were overridden for two cities (cutting them to 1/10 normal Requiem values).

-You Hunger Patches-

(There are two versions of these patches, either You Hunger realism or hardcore. Do not install realism and hardcore versions of the same patch, though doing so shouldn't cause any real problem other than unnecessary redundancy.)

Patch for You Hunger and Interesting NPCs. Re-removes food and adds some minor Unofficial patch weathers and changes over INPC. You should still be loading weather mods and such after this patch. One INPC quest food item is not removed.

Patch for You Hunger and Expanded Towns and Cities (ETAC). Re-removes food.
This was made with Dragon Bridge South Add-On installed, you may experience some problems if you don't have it. Hopefully not.

I'm not really taking requests, but I don't mind being asked.