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:: Doge follower husky 1.0 ::

such mod
very furreh
many bites
awsum doge

Creator: Elianora

This idea just came up in the Nexus chat. Simplest of mods.. XBitu wanted a dog follower and I said a have a few house mods that have them.
But then I realised I wanted a dog too, so I separated the dog from the rest of the (house) mod, Holmwood.

Originally he was Blade, a vampire hunter dog, but now he is Doge, an Altmer's best friend.

Can be found in Riverwood, outside at the camp, he will follow you once you activate him. Due to the custom dialogue there is no "Want to come with me?" thing.

- Skyrim up to date
- Dawnguard DLC

- ETaC
- My Home Is Your Home

Darkfox127 for his advanced followers tutorial and scripts
Aenkill: Doge HD fur texture and eyes

I don't want my work copied or spread. This file contains resources and assets that belong to other authors
and I don't want anyone else using (except personal use is fine, as long as you don't upload anything anywhere) them without proper credit.

I welcome translations of the file as long as:
A) The Nexus version is uploaded exclusively on the original mod's page
B) If the translation is uploaded somewhere else, I am notified of this upload, and you make sure the permissions and credits are listed correctly there.