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I hope to improve the graphics in this description page to impress you all, right now I'm just uploading my files because I am so proud of my tedious work on this mod.

First I want to say welcome to my page, I hope you have a nice time while you are here.

What does this mod do?

Straight to the point, my mod currently:

  1. Makes the races weaker (In terms of Health, Stamina and Magicka).
  2. Gives the races different levels of Health, Stamina and Magicka.
  3. Gives races different carry weights.
  4. Gives those petty bandits the same stats as you! (And takes away HP from high lvl bandits)
  5. Offers most of the combinations of the above features (Pick what you want).

Ok, I'm interested.  How weak are the races?  Can't they be stronger than vanilla? (100 / 100 /100), how much do they have right now?

This is my first try at giving the races different stats, I thought I'd start out small and then make other versions in case things don't work out.  So far I only have version 1, which is based on my preferences after reading the uesp lore page on each race.

Why did I make the races weaker?  I wanted to make radical stat differences when you start the game, but I didn't want to limit your class choices (Nord mage? You can currently overcome it with 5 level ups to reach a magicka pool of 100, not so harsh).

Version 1 (Health / Magicka / Stamina) - (Carry Weight / Optional)
Altmer  90 / 100 / 60 - (90)
Argonian 90 / 80 / 80 - (100)
Bosmer  80 / 80 / 110 - (100)
Breton  90 / 100 / 70 - (90)
Dunmer  90 / 90 / 70 - (100)
Imperial 90 / 80 / 80 - (100)
Nord  110 / 50 / 100 - (110)
Orsimer  120 / 60 / 80 - (110)
Khajiit  90 / 60 / 110 - (100)
Redguard 100 / 60 / 110 - (100)

Bonus Feature - The file that has all the features also deleted racial skill bonuses (+10 sneak for example) and added them as fortify effects.  This will cause these skills to generally level faster than normal, but start at the same level as all your other skills (You will have to wait a little longer to get perks, but now your skills are highlighted in green on the perk screen).

I like the different health, stamina, magicka somewhat, but the carry weights are not good.

No problem.  You can download just the stat changes, just the carry weight changes, or both!

If you want to tweak some stats you disagree with, you can also edit them using TESVEdit.  But I can still update and give different versions, so leave feedback.

What do you mean bandits have the same stats as me?

That was a lie.  It doesn't give bandits the exact same stats YOU HAVE.  What the mod does is that it gives both the player character and bandits the same stats you see on the race table above.

In the vanilla game you start with 100 HP and all bandit races start with 35 HP (Yes, Orc bandits have less HP than you).  With this mod, if you choose an Orc you start with the stats the table indicates (Currently 120 HP, that's pretty tough), but if you choose a Bosmer (Wood Elf) you start with much less HP, you are not brawn, you are quick and agile, and oh so very sneaky.

But my mod doesn't only change your character based on his race, all level 1 bandits (The weak ones that used to have 35 HP, now have the same stats that the table above indicates.  Level 1 Orc bandits have 120 HP, and if you happen to choose a Bosmer as your character, you might have some difficulties fighting those Orc Bandits in melee combat.  But your Bosmer can make use of that extra stamina (I know, I only gave you 10 extra stamina, use your imagination to make yourself look heroic). said you gave higher level bandits less health, stamina, magicka?

Yes, in the file which has all the features (Different Character Race stats, Different Character Race Carry Weights, and Different Bandit Race Stats) I have also rebalanced higher level bandits (To my preference and still testing) to make up for tougher low level bandits and make bandits more consistent (They are bandits, they shouldn't have such big gaps in power between themselves).  Generally, a rank 2 Bandit (Level 5) has around 25 more health than a rank 1 bandit (Level 1).  Orc bandits gain the most (40 HP per rank), and Bosmer gain the least (20 HP per rank).

I can change these values, give me feedback.


This probably conflicts with any mod that changes races or bandits (The Race only file will only conflict with race mods, the file that contains changes to both the player's race and bandits will conflict with both race mods and bandit mods.

I am not completely sure they will have conflicts, but that is what is most likely the case.

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