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Last updated at 3:36, 9 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 11:41, 3 Aug 2014

After a Hold is taken in the vanilla game, the original guards are replaced by ones that wore Legion or Stormcloak armor.  Since I wanted the new guards to also use the guard armor for their respective Holds, I went into the Creation Kit and changed that.  After I finished, I decided to upload it here in case anyone else felt the way I do.

With this installed, after a Hold switches sides, you will now see Imperial or Stormcloak Guards (depending on the side you chose) who will still have the Hold armor and shields.

Please note that the only testing I've done is in playing through normally, and I have only used this while fighting for the Stormcloaks.  All guards are supposed to use Hold Guard armor, so if you see any that aren't, please let me know where you saw them so I can fix them.  However, please confirm that it isn't a soldier who is meant to be using that armor (no guards should look like soldiers with this mod installed).

- Thanks to jayr848 for adding a link to this on one of his mod pages.

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