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A program to upload and share your modlist and ini files.

Permissions and credits
Modwatch does not, and will not, invade your privacy by searching for programs that could be installed without explicit consent. If I ever implement a feature that involved integration with another program, I will make it a clear choice by the user. And if I block features or the program itself due to programs you have installed, feel free to let me know how you feel about it. I may not respond, but I won't remove your comment.

Have a nice day, remember that everyone on the internet is a human, and try not to act otherwise. -Peanut


Q: Is Modwatch still being maintained?

Short answer is yes. Long answer is sometimes I go on hiatus for a couple months, so from time to time (like the past long while) Modwatch goes unmaintained. There is currently a Modwatch organization on Github where I'm migrating pieces of Modwatch as I get to them, so if you want to see if I'm actively developing, check those repos for activity.

Q: Is Nexus Mod Manager Supported?

Yes, NMM is supported as well as MO. The "Using NMM" button will attempt to read from the default directories that skyrim uses. The "Using MO" button means you will have to find the directory where mod organizer put your profiles.

Q: Can I run Modwatch from Mod Organizer?

Yep, just use the "Beta" Uploader. It's built as a 32 bit exe, so it can be run through MO. The "Stable" Uploader won't work, but can be run standalone.

Q: Do you like tacos?

I love tacos.

Q: I can't unzip the download, it's just throwing up at me. Why?

Short answer: Javascript. If you're using the "Stable" version, your computer may throw up when it tries to unzip the uploader, but it should still work. The "Beta" Uploader does not have this issue.

Q: Why does this even exist?

Occasionally, Skyrim players decide to download a mod. Then they decide to download another mod. Then ten hours later they've downloaded every single Trainwiz quest mod and Elianora house and boob physics mod they can find, and they wonder why their game won't start. So they go to a forum (hopefully /r/skyrimmods) and beg for help. Then they copy paste their 255 line plugins.txt into the comment box, unformatted, and expect someone to divine a solution from the ascii vomit that is their post. So instead of that nonsense, the fine folks at /r/skyrimmods (or wherever) can tell them to install Modwatch and press the big pretty button, and voila! All the relevant files on one page, in a legible format. Also one day I got bored and made a python script to share my modlist.

Q: The site is down, what happened?

I probably broke it because I didn't write unit tests because I'm a terrible person. It's usually not down for more than a few hours, so stay calm and download a few more mods while you wait.


This is an executable that will upload your load order and ini files to, where it can be easily accessed and read by anyone. The site as well as the script are open source, and no information is stored other than your mods and username.

DO NOT delete auth.dat

This file contains a unique string that is tied to your username. It is generated randomly, and I don't store it in plaintext. So if you delete it, you will not have access to your username. If you don't plan on using your username EVER AGAIN, feel free to delete it =)

Users Updating From an Older Version

Just overwrite your old exe with the new one, and it (should) read your auth.dat and use your username/password/file path correctly.

How To Use It

USE THE NEWEST VERSION. That'll make things a lot easier for everyone. As of now, there is a graphical version (applause), so it should be a little easier to upload. There are 3 text boxes: username, password, and file path. If you have never uploaded, the username and password can be whatever you want, as long as the username isn't already in use. The file path depends on your mod manager. If you're using Nexus Mod Manager, press the handy dandy "Using NMM" button. It will do all the magic for you. If using Mod Organizer, press the "Using MO" button. Then, find your MO install (wherever you extracted it), and go to profiles > your profile, and double click "plugins.txt". Finally, once you've done one of the two above things, press "Upload". It should upload, giving you some nice descriptive text in the console window to the side, and then you're free to share your mods with

And for you daring devils, there is now a button for changing your password. Click it, type a new password, press submit, and you (should) have a brand new legible password.

A Note On Custom Passwords

This is important on basically every website on the internet, but for my sanity, I'll go through it here. I do not have an ssl certificate. This means YOUR PASSWORD CAN BE PICKED UP IF YOU'RE ON PUBLIC WIFI. So don't use, say, your bank passwords, or the combination to your safe. I don't store passwords plaintext (hashing is fun), but it's up to YOU to not give away your passwords. Feel free to use random characters if this paragraph made you break into a cold sweat and pull your tin foil hat tighter over your cute little head.


If you're using NMM, you will NOT have a modlist page. That file is harder to get to for NMM. Sorry about that.

If your page is blank below the 'Filter By...' box, fear not! There are issues with how I store the data, and I'm working diligently on it. Or at least thinking about it occasionally.

The console window that opens alongside the GUI should show any crazy errors that might happen, so if something goes horribly wrong, feel free to send a screenshot of that or something. It would probably be helpful.

If you absolutely despise graphical interfaces, and want to remain apart of the glorious CLI master race, the old uploader still works, so terminal on, my command prompt brethren.

Other than that, if you have any issues, message me on reddit, post an issue on Github, or post on the Nexus page. I'll most likely check them in that order.

Thank you, mysticentity, for the beautiful logo.

My load order on the site