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Basic Armor Variation
Is a small mod to add crafting recipes to the forge to change the look of vanilla armors, you can change your Iron Armor to look like Dwarven Armor, or your Glass to look like Leather . You will retain the stats of the base item, just gain the new look. Thanks to user HeavyHawk for the idea he posted on CCORs page.

Is SkyUI required?
Not explicitly no, it's only needed for the MCM.

Whats the MCM even do?
It will allow you to hide the crafting recipes based on different things, similar to CCOR. You can hide based on weather it's Heavy or Light armor, what slot it equips on and the material it looks like. Hiding Dwarven, for instance, will had any recipes that make an item look Dwarven, such as, Iron-Dwarven but all the recipes to change the look of Dwarven would still be there, such as, Dwarven-Iron.

Can I change anything to anything?
Each of the five parts of a set (Armor, , Gauntlets, Helmet and Shield) can be made to look like it's counterpart from any other set in the same class. Heavy items can only look like other heavy items, light items can only look like other light items , no cross over.

How do I make them?
Take the base item, the item you want the stats for, to the custom workbench behind Warmaiden's in Whiterun. You should see several recipes such as Iron Steel Armor, Iron Dwarven Armor etc. Just pick the one you want it to look like and craft it.

What sets will be covered?
Iron, Steel, Dwarven, Steel Plate, Orcish, Ebony, Daedric and Dragonplate for heavy and Fur, Hide, Leather, Elven, Glass and Dragonscale for light. Will get the DLC sets after that.

But I use a texture replace for armor X!
That's fine, all texture replacements for vanilla armors will still work with this as long as they just replace the texture file. The items use the vanilla file path, if the texture replacer edited the item in an esp to use a different file path though this will only see the vanilla texture.

What's the catch?
Version 1.2 contains only Iron items, each new version will add support for new base items, there are generally 35 items, crafting and tempering recipes that all need to be made for each set.

Known Issues:
None, unless you count that NPCs can't use them.
No breakdown recipes, just pretend here okay... it's magic, unless you have SkyRe, it will add breakdowns to the smelter.

Drop the .esp and .bsa in your data folder or let your do it for you.

1. Make sure to remove any items added by this mod from your inventory, put them in a respawning chest, or somewhere, let the cell respawn 3-30 days.
2. If you sold any to a vendor, let the vendor restock.
3. Remove the .esp and .bsa from your data folder, or let your do it for you.