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Last updated at 4:17, 9 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 11:11, 2 Aug 2014


Comparison shots between the old version and 2.0 for anyone interested: Gallery

The Special Edition version is out! Get it HERE!

NOW REQUIRES USLEEP! This carries forward changes/corrections from USLEEP and fixes an issue where something was accidentally moved in the Bee and Barb. It's been checked through TES5Edit, so hopefully everything is okay with this version.

2.0: Revamped most of the bards to try to give them more individual looks, rebuilt Thora to work better, added Lurbuk and the college bards.

PLEASE NOTE: In versions 1.3a and older, Mikael and Sven may have a small neck gap due to their weight being changed. If you notice one, please do the following:

open the console
click on Mikael or Sven
type 'setnpcweight=50' (for Sven) and/or 'setnpcweight=40' (for Mikael)
then type 'disable' and hit enter
followed by 'enable' and enter again


Improved Bards is a standalone replacer for bards around Skyrim. It also adds a new bard to Riften.

Bards changed include: Delacourt (Falkreath), Karita (Dawnstar), Lisette (Solitude), Lurbuk (Morthal), Mikael (Whiterun), Sven (Riverwood), Talsgar (Wandering), Llewellyn (Falkreath House), Luaffyn (Windhelm), Ogmund (Markarth), Oriella (Dawnstar House), Sonir (Morthal House), Lynly (Ivarstead), Lurbuk (Morthal), and the college bards.

Files will include:

- All-in-One replacer, including Thora (Requires Heartfire and USLEEP)

- Vanilla college bards

In case it's important for anyone, bodies are CBBE mostly because the wenches outfit showed nips with UNP.


Download with your mod manager of choice and activate.

If manually installing, just download and place the files in your data folder.


- If you are using Ethereal Elven Overhaul, the files that include Luaffyn or Viarmo need to be placed below it in your loading order.

Otherwise, let LOOT or whichever sorting application you have sort them.

If you want better compatibility between mods or don't want all my changes, I suggest using TES5Edit. Here's a good place to start.

SERIOUSLY, use TES5Edit. If you don't, DON'T COMPLAIN WHEN YOU CAN'T GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT. This mod covers 20 npcs, some of which are fairly popular. There are going to be other mods that redo the same npcs.


These are mods that are in the screenshots and ones I use in my game:

- Female Facial Animation by nao4288
- Realistic Instruments - Flute Lute and Drum HQ by InwardScreams
- Face to face conversation by towawot
- Beards by lthot


This mod was made with the following resources which were either free-to-use or permission was granted for use.

Race Menu by expired6978
SG Female Textures Renewal by hellosanta
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition by Caliente
The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
True Eyes and True Brows by jimtownirish
Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska
ApachiiSkyHair by apachii
Lovely Hairstyles by zn00p
Fine Face Textures by urshi
Vanilla Hair Variety Plus by Omega99jp
DCE - Realistic Male Face by Drumber
High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox
Freckle Mania by tetrodoxin
KS Hairdos by Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
Maevan2's Eye Brows by Maevan2
Skysight Skins by fadingsignal
Smile in HD by zzjay

The screenshots were taken using Project ENB by bronze316.

Lastly, I mod for myself first and foremost. It's great if people like what I've done, but if you don't like the aesthetics there are always other mods out there, no need to get huffy about it.


Enjoy and feel free to add your own screenshots!