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This mod adds 10 new spells. They are all located in Dragonsreach in the back area. 
The Spells: 
Dwarven Steam-Launches the steam from dwarven machines at your enemies. Damages Health 
Bugs-A swarm of bugs will do poison damage to your enemies.
Electric Flames-A combination of shock and fire damage. 
Frost Flames-A combination of frost and fire damage. 
Expert Bugs-A swarm of bugs that does more damage and is a different color. 
Dwarven Shock-The shock of a dwarven spider
Lightning Ball-A ball of light attaches to whatever you are shooting at with your lightning.
Conjure Dwarven Spider-Conjure a dwarven spider to help you fight.
Cure Disease-It should cure all diseases(Haven't Tested). 
Silent Invisibility-Ultimate Assassin Spell, you will be invisible and not heard coming. 


Version 1.3 
-Added 2 New Spells 

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Version 1.2 
-Added 3 New Spells 
-Changed the Damage of Bugs