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Added: 01/08/2014 - 11:21AM
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Simple Drop Lit Torches gives you simple torch handling through two configurable hotkeys: One for equipping and unequipping a torch from your inventory (plus double tap to drop a torch), and the other to directly drop a lit torch to the ground. The mod gives you the options to enable automated torch handling features if you want: automated dropping of torches, and automated equipping of torches that you pick up. Both can be further controlled to happen under certain conditions, such as when having weapons drawn or not while sneaking.

The mod SM Drop Lit Torches by Strategy Master was an inspiration to this mod. The implementation of Simple DLT is completely original, however. The torch handling flow was a bit too complicated in SM Drop Lit Torches for me, inspiring me to make and release my own attempt.

Configuration (MCM)

The mechanics added by the mod are configurable using MCM, allowing several toggles and settings. You need to bind the hotkeys yourself in the MCM before being able to use the mod!
  • Binding of the main torch hotkey (equip/unequipp, double tap to drop), and drop torch hotkey (directly drop a torch). Both hotkeys are unbound by default.
  • Enable automated dropping of torches on unequip, for instance if you equip a weapon in your torch hand (disabled by default). Further choose if you want to auto drop only with drawn weapons, or prevent auto drop while sneaking.
  • Enable automated equipping of torches picked up from the ground (disabled by default). Further choose if you want to prevent auto with drawn weapons, or while sneaking.
  • Enable a restriction to only drop torches if the player has one equipped in their hand (disabled by default).

Installation, maintenance and removal

The following other mods are required:

Install using any method, making sure both the ESP and BSA end up in the Data directory. Installing a new version should be seamless by overwriting the old files. Removal of Skyrim mods could be tricky (Bethesda offers no support for this), but normally this should be fine.


No records from Skyrim.esm or other base ESM's are modified, only new stuff is added.

Compatibility issues probably exist with the following mods, but remain unconfirmed for now:
  • SM Drop Lit Torches by Strategy Master. Both have the same purpose. Disabling Simple DLT's automation features will probably allow both mods to work alongside each other.
  • Equipping Overhaul by DragonDude1029. Disabling Simple DLT's automation features will probably allow both mods to work alongside each other.


Strategy Master for his excellent mod SM Drop Lit Torches, which served as an inspiration for this mod.

Tools used

Creation Kit
Sublime Text