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Tweaks the Flame, Frost and Lightning Cloak graphics so that you are not blinded.

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Easier on the Eyes
Reduces cloak spell graphic effects, improving visibility.


Cloak spells are very useful but I found that I didn't use them often because they always obscured my vision.

This is a very simple tweak to the meshes used for the Flame, Frost, Lightning and Poison Cloak spells, reducing the opacity and brightness.

  • See better in both first person and third person views.
  • Affects flame, frost, lightning, and poison cloaks.

Many thanks to izon87604. Skip ahead to 1:17 if you like.


  • No requirements or dependencies whatsoever.


  • Simply compatible with everything.
  • No known conflicts.
  • Load order should not matter.

Game Safe

  • No impact to FPS or save game size.
  • No scripts.
  • No ESP, so doesn't count as a plugin
  • Safely and easily remove at any time.

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