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Version 1.5 Released

Geralt's Armor Now Available Here!

German translated version now available in the Downloads section.

Update 01/11/2015 : As you can probably guess from the long absence, I am doing nothing further with this mod. Do what you want with it but give a shout out to  L0rd0fWar for the work they contributed as well if you release anything using assets from this mod.

Update 03/11/2012: Further work on this mod has been put on hold as I don't have the time at the moment to keep it maintained and updated. It's still not perfect but I think it is feature complete enough for some people to get enjoyment out of it. Thanks to you all for your support.

I freely admit I was giddy as a schoolgirl after finding L0rd0fWar's Iorveth Armor, but I was a little disappointed that it was classified as cloth and so had all the defensive properties of wet paper. I then set about figuring out how to turn it into a light armor set. Several hours, lots of confused fumbling and numerous different versions later, I give you Iorveth Light Armor:


- Standalone mod that doesn't replace any existing NPC armor.
- Works with both male/female characters.
- Benefits from all Light Armor perks: Agile Defender, Custom Fit etc.
- Craftable from a forge.
- Fully improvable on a workbench.
- Two different sets of Scoia'tael Armor: a basic un-enchanted version and an upgraded version complete with enchants.



1. Just drop the .esp file, textures and meshes folders into your skyrim/data folder. Merge folders if prompted.

2. Make sure the plugin is enabled by using NMM or the Data Files option in the Skyrim Launcher.


How to get the armor:

Now available at the forge, under the MISC tab (requires the Steel Smithing perk):


Scoia'tael Commando Boots
Scoia'tael Commando Gloves
Scoia'tael Commando Bandana
Scoia'tael Commando Armor


Scoia'tael Captain's Boots (Muffled Movement)
Scoia'tael Captain's Gloves (x2 Sneak attack with 1H weapons)
Scoia'tael Captain's Bandana (+20% bow damage)
Scoia'tael Captain's Armor (+12% Barter / +12% 1H weapon damage)

or, if you can't be bothered to gather all the materials, you can add the items via the console:

1. Open the console with the `(tilde) key.
2. Type "help scoia 4" (without quotes). The items will show up with the necessary item codes.
3. Use the command "player.additem xxxxxxx 1" (without quotes). E.g. player.additem 0d01001 1


Known Issues:

- Bandana doesn't show on Khajiit/Argonians. The beast races need their own custom meshes for it to show properly, which is a bit beyond my skills. If anyone wants to have a go, they're more than welcome.


Version 1.5

+ added female armor models (courtesy of L0rd0fWar)
+ armor now properly weighted (courtesy of L0rd0fWar)
+ fixed a bug where player-enchanted armor could not be improved

Version 1.4

+ Added armor models for crafting/inventory menus
+ Changed enchant on Captain's Bandana to +20% bow damage

Version 1.3.2

+ Round two vs the Skyrim shaders.

Version 1.3.1

+ Fixed a bug where the armor would occasionally turn black.

Version 1.3

+ Fixed a bug which prevented the Matching Set perk from working when mixing the two armor sets.

Version 1.2

+ Fixed a bug in v 1.1 which prevented the female meshes from loading properly.

Version 1.1

+ Female armor models added.

Version 1.0

+ Made standalone
+ Crafting now requires the Steel Smithing perk.

Version 0.03 beta

+ fixed bug where chest armor could not be sold at blacksmiths.
+ reduced the base vendor value for all items.
+ reduced the base armor rating of the Commando set to be in line with unimproved Thieves Guild Armor.
+ slightly increased the base armor rating of the Captain's set to be nearer (but not more than) the Nightingale set.
+ adjusted the recipes for the Commando armor set to make it slightly harder to craft.

Version 0.02 beta

+ Combined both enchanted/un-echanted versions in one file.
+ Added crafting recipes for both.


This is my first ever mod, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone finds a bug. Please let me know in the comments and I'll try to fix it asap.



A big "thank you" goes to L0rd0fWar for doing the port and for giving me permission to make the mod standalone, and to CD Projekt Red for creating/releasing their awesome Witcher 2 textures.