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A Light Armor version of Iorveth's armor from The Witcher 2.

Permissions and credits

Version 1.5 Released

Geralt's Armor Now Available Here!

German translated version now available in the Downloads section.

Update 01/11/2015 : As you can probably guess from the long absence, I am doing nothing further with this mod. Do what you want with it but give a shout out to  L0rd0fWar for the work they contributed as well if you release anything using assets from this mod.

Update 03/11/2012: Further work on this mod has been put on hold as I don't have the time at the moment to keep it maintained and updated. It's still not perfect but I think it is feature complete enough for some people to get enjoyment out of it. Thanks to you all for your support.

I freely admit I was giddy as a schoolgirl after finding L0rd0fWar's Iorveth Armor, but I was a little disappointed that it was classified as cloth and so had all the defensive properties of wet paper. I then set about figuring out how to turn it into a light armor set. Several hours, lots of confused fumbling and numerous different versions later, I give you Iorveth Light Armor:


- Standalone mod that doesn't replace any existing NPC armor.
- Works with both male/female characters.
- Benefits from all Light Armor perks: Agile Defender, Custom Fit etc.
- Craftable from a forge.
- Fully improvable on a workbench.
- Two different sets of Scoia'tael Armor: a basic un-enchanted version and an upgraded version complete with enchants.



1. Just drop the .esp file, textures and meshes folders into your skyrim/data folder. Merge folders if prompted.

2. Make sure the plugin is enabled by using NMM or the Data Files option in the Skyrim Launcher.


How to get the armor:

Now available at the forge, under the MISC tab (requires the Steel Smithing perk):


Scoia'tael Commando Boots
Scoia'tael Commando Gloves
Scoia'tael Commando Bandana
Scoia'tael Commando Armor


Scoia'tael Captain's Boots (Muffled Movement)
Scoia'tael Captain's Gloves (x2 Sneak attack with 1H weapons)
Scoia'tael Captain's Bandana (+20% bow damage)
Scoia'tael Captain's Armor (+12% Barter / +12% 1H weapon damage)

or, if you can't be bothered to gather all the materials, you can add the items via the console:

1. Open the console with the `(tilde) key.
2. Type "help scoia 4" (without quotes). The items will show up with the necessary item codes.
3. Use the command "player.additem xxxxxxx 1" (without quotes). E.g. player.additem 0d01001 1


Known Issues:

- Bandana doesn't show on Khajiit/Argonians. The beast races need their own custom meshes for it to show properly, which is a bit beyond my skills. If anyone wants to have a go, they're more than welcome.


Version 1.5

+ added female armor models (courtesy of L0rd0fWar)
+ armor now properly weighted (courtesy of L0rd0fWar)
+ fixed a bug where player-enchanted armor could not be improved

Version 1.4

+ Added armor models for crafting/inventory menus
+ Changed enchant on Captain's Bandana to +20% bow damage

Version 1.3.2

+ Round two vs the Skyrim shaders.

Version 1.3.1

+ Fixed a bug where the armor would occasionally turn black.

Version 1.3

+ Fixed a bug which prevented the Matching Set perk from working when mixing the two armor sets.

Version 1.2

+ Fixed a bug in v 1.1 which prevented the female meshes from loading properly.

Version 1.1

+ Female armor models added.

Version 1.0

+ Made standalone
+ Crafting now requires the Steel Smithing perk.

Version 0.03 beta

+ fixed bug where chest armor could not be sold at blacksmiths.
+ reduced the base vendor value for all items.
+ reduced the base armor rating of the Commando set to be in line with unimproved Thieves Guild Armor.
+ slightly increased the base armor rating of the Captain's set to be nearer (but not more than) the Nightingale set.
+ adjusted the recipes for the Commando armor set to make it slightly harder to craft.

Version 0.02 beta

+ Combined both enchanted/un-echanted versions in one file.
+ Added crafting recipes for both.


This is my first ever mod, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone finds a bug. Please let me know in the comments and I'll try to fix it asap.



A big "thank you" goes to L0rd0fWar for doing the port and for giving me permission to make the mod standalone, and to CD Projekt Red for creating/releasing their awesome Witcher 2 textures.