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Realistic boats with respect to physics (HAVOK-driven).
They DO have collisions and they are stable on the water.
They DO NOT move like cars or horses.

Please, before using this, make sure you have the critter fixes or Unofficial Skyrim Patch. Otherwise, both fish and insects will affect the boat movement (because they are static physical objects with infinite mass)

The Skyrim's INI-settings related to Physics can affect your experience with the boat. If you have any issues, you can try to use the default config.

Review by Thyworm

I love the idea of having driveable boats in Skyrim, but I'm unhappy with the existing implementations, so I decided to make my own.

The mod provides driveable realistic boats with respect to physics. All the movement is controled by the game physics engine (Havok). Scripts are used only to navigate and accelerate. Boats are literaly acting like boats.

The boat is stable enough on the water and it can even carry some cargo without sinking. The boat is also a good shooting platform for the player. Unfortunately, can't say the same about followers :(

How to construct the boat in the forest?

- To construct the boat right from the pine trees, drop the Saw from your inventory and pick it up (additionally, requires Iron Ingot, Hammer and Woodcutter's Axe). Then you will have to wait several hours or days (depends on your Smithing skill).

- To construct the Oar, pick the Saw while sneaking

How to burn the boat?

- To burn the boat, use "Wall of Flames" and DO NOT activate the boat (or the operation will be canceled)
- To burn the boat in the water, you must also place some Firewood
- Note: You can also bury your dead follower or any other dead NPC in the burning boat

The "used" trees will be temporary removed from the game (purely for cometic reasons) and placed back after 48 hours (so, nothing will change in the landscape)

How to build a boat at the Lumber Pile

- Find the Lumber Pile
- Activate it and wait the saw to do it's job
- The building menu will appear after the saw done it's job
- Better stay in the open location (because the boat will be constructed NEAR THE PLAYER)

Watch the video if you are lost:

How to deliver the boat to the water

- Unequip your wepons and activate the boat. "Drarwen Oil" and "Troll Fat" will be used from your inventory to reduce friction. The boat will slide more easily.
- When muscles fail, you can use magic. Telekinesis is a good way to deliver the boat to the water.

Basic Operations

Most operations are context depended and should be intuitively clear. All you have to remember: there are three ways you can control the boat (in all three cases you must hide your hands):

[Activating with weapons or magic equipped]

- Push the boat
- One paddle movement
- Push the boat from the bottom

[Activating with weapons or magic unequipped]

- Two paddles movement
- Restore the original boat position (when it's turned upside down)
- Push the boat with low friction (Troll Fat, Dwarwen Oil)

[Activating with weapons or magic unequipped WHILE SNEAKING]

- Define a dock

Rowing will decrease the stamina. You can't move the boat when stamina is low.

How to row with one paddle?

(you must have at least one oar in your inventory)
- Hide the weapon, make sure something is equipped in your hands

- Activate the boat at one end to move to the opposite direction. The player will keep rowing until you start to run or change the position

- To change the direction, activate the right or left sides of the boat.

- To push the boat, activate it from the bottom


Sailing the Falskaar:

First stability test (alpha):

How to row with two paddles?

Note: if you prefere to row forward (which is less immersive for my taste), type in consoleĀ 
set BoatMode to 1

(you must have 2 oars in your inventory)
- Unequip your weapons and magic
- Activate the boat to sit and row backwards (control the boat with WASD).
- Equip something into your hand to exit the mode (or you can simply jump)

No support for third person in this mode.


How to deliver a cargo:

(also covered in the first video)
- Unequip your wepons.
- Sneak and activate the boat (the boat must be on the water) -> Make the current location as a dock

- Drive the boat to the place B
- Drop the goods to the boat
- Drop at least ONE oar
- Talk with a guard, a fisherman or a hunter.Select the topic:
"Do you know someone who can handle the boat?"
- If you confirm the deal, the boat with all the goods will be moved back to the dock

The transportation cost is affected by
- Haggling Perks
- Distance to the dock
- Is the boat moving UP the stream or DOWN the stream

How to revert the boat to it's original state (when it's upside down):

When the boat is upside down, you can use regular "push-style" movement, but you are unable to sit and use control keys to move
To revert the boat to it's normal state:
- Unequip your weapons and magic0
- Jump into the water and push the boat from the bottom.

This action will take a lot of stamina.

Suggestions are welcomed, but I give no promises about them. It was VERY hard to keep the boat stable without sinking. Any changes can easily ruin the balance.

Why it's so hard to create a realistic driveable Long Boat?

Long Boat is stable enough on the water (just like the regular boat)

But the following issues makes it pretty unrealistic:
1) You need a crew to use this boat, but followers as any other NPC will easily turn the ship over (the physics engine is processing the NPC bodies in a different way than the player's body). So, the whole idea of taking followers to the ship is ruined.

2) With high mass you will hear the annoying water slaps.