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Rogue Armor

This mod adds a stand-alone set of craftable light armor to the game. The armor will work for any race, and is fully weight-slider compatible. At the moment it's for females only, although in the future I may add a male version as well.

You have wandered the snowy wastes of Skyrim your entire life. There is no cave too deep or tomb so cursed that you dare not explore it. The siren song of lost secrets and ancient treasure draws you to Skyrim's forbidden places. And during times when gold is in short supply...well, that's when your light fingers come in handy.

There are many in this land who treat you as an outcast - you are too rough, too wild, too untamed for them.

They call you The Rogue.

~How to Obtain~
You can craft a set of Rogue Armor at the forge under the Leather section if you have the Advanced Armors perk. The armor's stats are comparable to scaled armor.

-Custom armor, cowl, gauntlets, and boots
-Balanced stats - not overpowered
-Custom inventory models
-Ear holes for Khajiits
-Compatible with your favorite texture replacers - I highly recommend aMidianBorn's Book of Silence (**If you want your armor to look exactly like the screenshots, get this mod! You won't regret it.**)

~Compatibility Notes~
-This mod is completely stand-alone - it's compatible with everything.
-If you wear the whole set (minus the cowl), it will also work with any body mod

*If you don't have Dragonborn, parts of the armor will be invisible!

1) Download via the green NMM button, or click "Manual Download"
2) If the download stalls or errors out, try again with a different server
3) Install with NMM, or drag-and-drop everything in the zip file into your Skyrim/Data folder