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Mummy ... skeleton ...
undead skyrim was too dry
this mod adds a zombie stinky to level list

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  • Spanish
  • French
Evil dead revive...
Add new creatures Zombie on skyrim.
They are placed in cemeteries, wetlands, forests.
High level players may encounter evil wizards who summon zombies.
If you defeat them, you will be able to obtain a new spellbook.

● Details
 Zombies are added to the leveld list and appear in forest areas and marshes.
 In addition, it will appear in some dungeons and land.

 Zombies added place 
  1. Abandoned Prizon 
  2. Shriekwind Bastion 
  3. Northwind Mine 
  4. South Skybound Watch 
  5. Forsaken Cave 
  6. Fellglow Keep  
  7. Ratway 
  8. Ysgramor's Tomb 
  9. Brittleshin Pass  
  10.Bleakcoast Cave 
  11.Hob's Fall Cave 
  12.Wetland of Hjaalmarch

  You can choose several versions to suit your taste.
  · Zombie does not use weapons version
  · There are versions that do not place zombies in Morthal wetlands and dungeons.

★Version 2.0.1 change
   ・Fixed the problem that the notation of World cell’s name "Skyrim" was Japanese.
     Those who use "no spawn Morthal" or "Spawn Leveld List Only" OPTION need not update

★Version 2.0  change
   ・Add summon spell Dread zombie

★Version 1.9 change
 ・Up to 20 zombies can be summoned by Lich
 ・Compress texture and improve performance
 ・Mothal and options not to modify the dungeon were prepared.
 If you are using the previous version and CTD with Mothal or Dungeon, please try the option.

・ Other notes
 Twinsoul perk has been modified to raise the summon upper limit from 2 to 20.
 Lich has Twin soul Perk. 
 If you use MOD to modify Twin soul Perk Lich will also be affected.
   *Increasing the summoning limit increases the number of zombies that Lich can summon

★for modder
 this  mod's resource is free,
 can used freely in your MOD.

The armor on which the girl in the photo is wearing is here.
Berserk Mule Armor by Gimora